KuWo Music Box 2011 free download

KuWo Music Box 2011 spring edition is available for you to download. KuWo Music Box is a music player that you can listen music by direct streaming or download songs that you love for offline playing. It also has the ability to watch music video and sing karaoke. Furthermore, songs lyrics are available for you too. I can say that KuWo Music Box is the all-in-one solution for music lover.

KuWo Music Box 2011

Is there KuWo Music Box English version to download? Hmm… I don’t think so. Unless somebody create an English language patch for it. For non-Chinese educated persons, you need to learn up Chinese in order to enjoy this KuWo Music Box 2011.

Download KuWo Music Box 2011 here.

  • Kuwo is my favorite music player too. 🙂

  • Ho very good

  • c0m1c_l0v3r

    wow…. can get kuwo at last…. thanks… i like kuwo berry much 🙂

  • ylam

    sorry…i face a problem…i have downloadad kuwo software but the words all in simbol form,i dont understand at all…how to change it to chinese words???

    • Hi ylam, you need to enable Chinese in your Windows first.

    • Nicole

      I face the same problem also could you help me on this??

    • Nicole

      I face the same problem also could you help me on this??

  • Ash

    How do I enable chinese ??

  • Felix

    kuwo Music Box is good, too bad i can’t understand chinese language yet, does an english version exist….?

  • Bel

    Is there kuwo music player download available for MacBook Pro please?

    Thanks a million 🙂

  • Jackson

    I can download the install kuwo music box, but I the download does not seem to be working.
    I am in the UK, does it mean kuwo has block UK from downloading the streaming?

    • Maybe, Jackson. Please consult with your ISP.

  • iphone user

    kuwo available in iphone 4? i’m from Malaysia.

  • chee e-yan

    i cant download kuwo in my macbook have other ways?

  • Mae

    There is also symbols when i install it. But I’m using window 8 , how to solve this problem?

    • Hi Mae, try to find a way to enable Chinese in Windows 8.

  • Elham

    hi.. tnx
    but i need English version of this app….
    plz help 🙂

  • Qistina

    why even i change language to Chinese, there still in symbol?

    • No idea, Qistina. Try to consult KuWo Support.

  • Kelvin Tan

    How can I get Kuwo English version download?


    Hi,I am from Ireland . I have a problem for ios 5 for download my music player app kuwo,please.valen.msn@hotmail.com

  • Hello guys..malaysia mari