Malaysia & Singapore Free GPS Map Project Forum ~

If you are a GPS user in Malaysia or Singapore, you need to know this ~ a new Malaysia & Singapore Free GPS Map Project Forum. This is the place that you can get free weekly updated GPS map for your GPS. Yes, this map is updated weekly.


I have been a GPS user since I bought my Garmin NuVi 200W last year. Thanks to the previous Malsingmaps, I am able to go to Malacca without any problem. That is my very first long distance trip. However, I need to contribute in order to get the latest map on previous forum. I have no choice because the free map is not up to date. By the time I write this post, their last free map was dated 1 Jan 2008. Wooo… You did not read it wrongly. It is year 2008. More than 1 year did not update on the free map.

MalFreeMaps is another story. They update free GPS map every week. And you do not need to contribute anything in order to download the latest map. Isn’t it great? By the way, MalFreeMaps mapping enthusiasts are formerly from of and Why they have a new forum? That’s a long story… Head to MalFreeMaps to read it if you are interested.

By the way, don’t forget to download Malaysia & Singapore Free GPS Map at

  • huairen

    MFM got my thumbs up!

  • @huairen: MFM got mine too. ๐Ÿ˜€

  • GPS is very useful specially the ones that are put on the Car dashboard. it can really help you drive on unfamiliar places…~

  • murad
  • Len

    Hi ,

    any1 know where to ger thailand free maps ?


  • fong

    205W, download, download free GPS map

  • finland

    Where can i find map pack at finland?

  • peter

    any 1 know how to get singapore maps for papago ?

    • Get it at You need an account there in order to download the maps.

  • Anyone, please advice. Recently, i bought a garmin NUVI 1310 (T) in dubai during my visit there. It has been equipped with EU map. How can i change it to Malaysia, SIngapore and Brunei map?

    PLease advice

    • I backup my Garmin NuVi 200W US maps. Then delete it (no enough space). And put Malaysia maps there. You can refer to for more information. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Jason Tay

    Thanks Jayce. But how to backup the maps? is there any step by step walkthrough for the backup, delete and install new map? Please advice.

    • I just copy the whole content from Garmin to PC.

  • bai

    Hai jayce….bolehkah saya upgread kan peta malaysia kepada msia,sin dan thai yang baru..??
    dan bagaimana cara install tersebut..
    untuk pengetahuan jayce saya mengunakan device royaltek, papago dan maifreemaps..

    • Just download it from Install it to PC. Then copy it to your GPS.

  • BAI

    Adakah Peranti Royaltek boleh support papago x8?

    • Sorry, no idea. Please check with Royaltek Support.

  • bai

    kenapa papago lambat untuk detect satellite?? kalau garmin tak sampai 15 saat..

    • Use Papago in mobile phone? Or actual Papago GPS?

      • bai

        lPapago gps

        • Then it might be your Papago hardware issue. Please consult Papago Support.

  • Black

    Do you know any other map that can be use offline? I’m currently in JB..

    • Garmin and PAPAGO! maps are offline.

  • mazlant

    Recently I download USA map into my new 2GB SD card after insert to gps nuvi 200, no USA map appear on map info.

    Need help.