Mi Pad 3 Hardware Tour

Mi Pad 3 by Xiaomi is my current favourite Android tablet. How does it look like? In short, just like iPad mini 4 but with Android operating system. Yes, top notch build quality with full metal casing. And vivid and gorgeous retina 7.9-inch LED-backlit with 2048-by-1536 resolution (326 ppi) display. Suitable for both day and night usage. Fully laminated screen unlike the latest iPad which is not (just like my age iPad 3). Apple is cutting cost but not the case for Xiaomi. You still have the best quality yet cheaper in price. And much more goodies inside with 4GB RAM and 64GB ROM. Long battery life with 6600mAh battery. Interested? Read on to find out…

I got my Mi Pad 3 from GearBest. The best price that I got with free priority line shipping to Malaysia. As usual, Mi Pad 3 comes in a simple white packaging just like other Xiaomi products.

There are USB Type-C cable, US plug 2A charging adapter and Chinese user guide in the box. No worry, you don’t need to know Chinese in order to use Mi Pad 3 as it supports English language as well.

The ultra wide viewing angle display is protected by screen cover when shipped. I am not a fan of screen protector so I did not apply one here. No worry about scratches on normal usage.

Full metal slim body in gold colour. Perfect for holding with one hand. By the way, there are 2 speakers at the bottom. 13MP rear camera on top. Noise cancellation mic is there too.

High quality metal volume and power buttons.

Yes, latest reversible USB Type-C port is there for you. All the products should have it from now on.

That’s all for the Mi Pad 3 hardware tour. And great news for those who need Google Play Store, GearBest’s Mi Pad 3 is pre-loaded with Play Store. And it is fully functional without any issue. I have more than 50 applications and games installed now.

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  • Azrilyp

    how long did it take from the time you ordered and it arrived at your doorstep or for pickup?

      • Azrilyp

        Thanks. The link states “cannot ship to Malaysia”. Anyway, this is my backup choice as I’m waiting for the Asus Zenpad 3 8 Z582KL to be released. Hopefully it will be released here.

        • Hmm… I have no problem to get it shipped to Malaysia here.

          I do like Asus Zenpad 3 8 Z582KL with Snapdragon 652 too. But will be pricey than Mi Pad 3 for sure. I will wait for Snapdragon 660 version for my next tablet. ๐Ÿ™‚

          • Azrilyp

            Yes, I believed it will be slightly more than Mi Pad 3 but it has Simcard and microsd slot.

          • Azrilyp

            btw, is the Mipad from Gearbest rooted? Coz my company doesn’t allow rooted devices use for work purposes.

            • Nope, I wish that it was rooted. Need to do so manually.

              Do use my affiliate link above if you plan to buy. And ask them to use Kerry Express to ship to avoid custom tax and SIRIM AP. Thanks. ๐Ÿ™‚