New Samsung Galaxy S II GT-I9100G in Malaysia Alert!!!

Samsung Galaxy S II is the most popular smartphone from Samsung nowadays. International Samsung Galaxy S2 has several models like GT-I9100, GT-I9100G and GT-I9100T. And U.S. variants ~ Sprint Galaxy S II Epic 4G Touch, T-Mobile Galaxy S II and AT&T Galaxy S II. I bought my Samsung Galaxy S2 (GT-I9100) at RM 2099 back in July. Samsung Galaxy S2 price in Malaysia dropped to as low as RM 1799. Wow, RM 300 lower than my buying price now. Great news, right? No, actually. Samsung Malaysia quietly replaces GT-I9100 with GT-I9100G model. What are the differences between GT-I9100 and GT-I9100G? The CPU and GPU…

Samsung Galaxy S II
Samsung Galaxy S2

The original Samsung Galaxy S II GT-I9100 is using Samsung own Exynos 4210 SoC CPU and ARM Mali-400 GPU. On the other hand, GT-I9100G uses Texas Instruments OMAP4430 CPU and PowerVR SGX540 GPU. Both of the CPU is running at 1.2 GHz based on dual core ARM Cortex-A9. Not sure the exact CPU performance difference. However, the PowerVR SGX540 (which was used in previous generation Galaxy S) is much slower than ARM Mali-400. And can’t enable Anti-Aliasing (4xAA and 16xAA) with Chainfire3D Pro.

I9100 vs I9100G ~ Source (AnandTech)

Besides, you can’t use any of the firmware developed for I9100 on I9100G model. This should not be a problem if all the international Samsung Galaxy S II is being replaced with I9100G model. Else it will be an issue because lesser development on I9100G model.

Here are some discussions about the new I9100G at XDA and Facebook. You should able to get more information about issues, firmware installation and rooting topics there.

Personal thoughts… Hold your horses and don’t buy Samsung Galaxy S II for the moment. Do consult the seller, Maxis, DiGi and Celcom and make sure it is I9100 model if you really want to buy it. Or wait for Samsung Nexus Prime which might equipped with Samsung new 1.5 GHz Exynos 4212 processor (built using a 32 mn process. 30 percent more efficient and 25 percent faster than the 4210), 50% faster GPU and 4.65-inch Super AMOLED HD screen with 1280 x 720 resolution.

  • Meoh

    Woww..nice info bro. Really, i’m interested with SGS II. Yes, that is RM 2XXX at Maxis, Digi, Celcom (No Contract), and only RM 17XX in Lowyat forum… but rather confuse before buying it. It’s mean that all of SGS II with RM17XX are i9100G? Is i9100T offered in Malaysia too? thanks

    • No, there is still SGS2 I9100 with RM17XX. You need to check with seller. I don’t think I9100T is available in Malaysia yet.

      • Meoh

        Thanks bro. It’s time for me to make decision .. SG SII or iphone 4 .. my friend said “you’ll buy performance (SG SII) or brand/prestige (iphone)” .. hufttt .. not good choice

        • Wait tomorrow for new iPhone announcement. Then make decision. It should SGS2 vs iPhone 4S vs iPhone 5. ๐Ÿ™‚

          • Meoh

            i’m sure that iphone 4S/5 will be over RM2000, right? and my money is of course .. not enough wkwkwkkk. so, “waiting” for me means to wait the proce of iphone 4 drop down upon 4S/5 born, not waiting to buy a new iphone 4S/5 :(( ….. but i’m falling in love with SG SII ..

            • Yup, iPhone 4 will sure drop after iPhone 4S / 5 announcement.

              Android and iOS, which one do you prefer? This will help you to make the decision.

            • wing

              wait Google Nexus Prime vs SGS2 vs IPHONE 4S vs IPHONE 5

              • wing

                EN.. THE IOS get soft update and all iphone is same loo,bcoz iphone is one only ma, and the android is if u use samsung ,want wait the samsung update loo… (if he/she not like or know to root loo) if u root , android is best os .. vs ios , now just wait andriod 4.0 vs ios 5 .. ๐Ÿ™‚ sorry i english no pass haha ..that is i think loo …and u think

  • wing

    hai now is start at malaysia oo..u know the price ๐Ÿ™‚

    • RM17XX now.

      • wing

        jayce :now can find i9100 or not oo …

        • Yes, some seller still sell it.

  • where i can found samsung i9100 ๐Ÿ™

    • Ask around. There should be a few I9100 stocks left. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • kb

      i just bought 1 in wangsa maju carefour…u can try to look over there…

      • Nazr

        Gonna check Carefour around JB,hope they still have i9100 like wangsa maju carefour..

  • syahrul

    i bought this i9100g, at first i did not notice it wrote i9100g on the box, until i open it at u think i can make an exchange to get an i9100? rather than i9100g..really regret..

    • You need to refer to your seller. Good luck. ๐Ÿ˜‰

      • syahrul

        refer to my seller or just go to samsung centre? btw, i will try it tomorrow..hope i can make an exchange..thanks btw..

        • Seller first. If cannot, Samsung Center later…

          • syahrul

            alrite, will make it there by tomorrow..

            • Meoh

              waiting your experience bro syahrul .. please write here if you’re succesfull or not

              • syahrul

                i have a busy schedule today..might go there later..i will write here my experience later.. =)

              • syahrul

                i just go 1st, i go to the seller, and they ask me to go to samsung centre..and at the centre, i ask for replacement, but he ask me to go to the seller..really disappointed being a samsung fan all this time..thinking to buy other phone by selling this one..but this s2 only priced around 1.2k..

                • Sorry to hear that.

                  Just wondering, can you play Asphalt 6 Adrenaline HD WCG 2011 on I9100G? Can you test it? TQ.

                  • syahrul

                    try to download it and this message pops up,”Unable to download. Application not optimized for device(8002)” =((

                    • Hmm… Maybe you can make noise at Samsung Malaysia and ask for a replacement (I9100) until this is working for you. Say that you bought SGS2 to join the contest but now cannot. ๐Ÿ˜›

                  • syahrul

                    good point, but im not so good in making noise..huhu..

  • Meoh

    I’ve read some thread at lowyat forum and almost peoples always ask about: i9100 or i9100g to seller (especially in white color). What’s wrong with i9100g? is i9100 better than i9100g? but almost seller said that “there is no way u can get i9100 in market right now for new set”. the SGS II seems cheaper now. that is because of i9100g or the price has drop down .. almost seller offer RM 16XX (AP) and RM 17XX (ori, warranty up to 24 month from SME .. woww…really or not?). I’m not sure but still confuse to make decision to buy SG S II.

    ============ copy from lowyat forum ===============

    Q:i9100 or i9100g?
    A:yes do pm all of u already, malaysia SME only come with I-9100G now
    unless u got 9100 mean old stock, higher cost and higher price as 2099 maybe,
    All the samsung units come with this nationwide.

    Q:the galaxy s2 (black color) ur selling is i9100 or i9100g?
    A:latest model mostly i9100G. which you looking for?

    Q:the galaxy s2 (black color) ur selling is i9100 or i9100g?
    A:i9100g. there is no way u can get i9100 in market right now for new set.

    and more

    • Yes, I9100 is better than I9100G. And if really Malaysia is the only country that hot selling I9100G and most of other countries still selling I9100. Then there will be very less development on I9100G.

  • huh

    I dont really care if its different. Samsung Galaxy SII is still awesome. Tried with the this unit and I cant barely see the different. Why care so much if its didn’t so obvious.

    • syahrul

      yes, it still awesome, but the problem came when u want to root it..for sure, development on the custom rom will focus on the I9100 model, not is difficult for u to have a custom rom on this G model in the future..that’s juz my opinion..

  • Nazr

    Bro,this morning i went to phone shop and asked about the SII.Indeed,SII 19100G price is RM1799.He told me that this is the “ONLY” version Malaysia have..??And,just want to tell you that there still shops selll SII at RM1899.I wonder if that the “ORIGINAL SII” ?

    • Might be as long as it is non-G I9100.

  • huh

    Now this is funny, so i9100 is original and i9100-G is FAKE? zzz
    This is truly a jokes. And another thing, root is nt always an option, why keep rooting it? Do you hack your own computer for super user.? Let the device be itself and than it’s only called as ORIGINAL. Unnecessary for rooting.

    • Nazr

      I get your point it just that,both version of Galaxy SII have difference perfomance. It just that,all review we read about Galaxy SII being the “best phone” is i9100 not i9100-G. I wonder if it still called the “best phone” using i9100-G spec.

      • huh

        Okay, so based on that, the performance different can barely see. So, what so big deal for it?
        Samsung did came with different models or whatsoever, but nothing bad deal about it.
        Does to the phone changed to SINGLE CORE 1Ghz phone? No, the answer was. So there’s not much to argue about it.

        • syahrul

          i have this G model, and i cannot install Asphalt 6 Adrenaline HD WCG 2011. it says, โ€Unable to download. Application not optimized for device(8002)โ€

          can yours?

          • huh

            Lawls, so basically you bought a phone just for gaming? That’s funny, smartphones is more to a social internet devices combined with phone technology. If you were to game so much, why don’t you go buy playstation, xbox or whatsoever?

            • syahrul

              lol, smartphone nowadays are more than that..that’s why if u noticed, there are game hub, readers hub, social hub, etc in is being use to make call, messaging, social networking, camera, e book, game, gps etc in a handy device..
              n i am not buying a phone just for gaming..

              • huh

                Hahaha see. U guys just can’t get enough. How about telling Samsung to put in xbox in next phone.
                Stop gaming. A little bit will do. Social networking is the best for this phone.
                Want gaming? Go pc or xbox or whatsoever.

            • lol

              lol… smartphone is more to a social internet devices combined with phone technology? what the hell is that? so you’re saying it’s okay if your phone doesn’t play music? can’t watch videos? if you answered no, so should I tell you if you want to play music and watch videos.. why not just get a freakin tv and ipod?

              do you know the graphics performance of the non-G version is much faster than the G version? the performance can barely see? you expect to see any difference in social networking apps? LOL.

              • huh

                lol, first of all, you don’t understand the points. Second, if you so likely to compared both version why don’t you create your own phone with super computer etc? There’s no perfect device in this world. If you still insist on those graphics performance, go and complain to Samsung or whatsoever.
                In the other way, your much faster doesn’t mean anything at all. Wan’t faster? go build yourself some phone with Nvidia & ATI Radeon gc or whatsoever.
                Another problem with this device is battery consuming problem, if you so likely to have those hardcore process, go and have your phone charge often, let say 3 times a day? lmao. I had tried both version and I can tell the previous version has some seriously mobo heat issues with your so “FAST” performance.
                Go and keep stuck with Gingerbread 2.3.3 while other having more updated version more than that. Cheers! . LOL

              • huh

                and btw, the previous vesion has this SAMOLED burning issues i wonder if this G has it? But so far there’s no complain about that for Gversion. =)

              • huh

                And another case is, why cant we expect to see any difference in performance in social networking apps? Try that with Samsung Galaxy S or Galaxy Mini. and you will see the big difference. =) Think twice before you press enter. =) Cheers!

                • lol

                  lol, first of all, what points i did not understand? and who are you to decide what do people want and want to do on phones? if G and non G version doesnt matter to you, then that is you, and only you. you said whats the big deal? yes.. the big deal is.. people buy what they want, otherwise people wouldn’t bother comparing infuse 4g, galaxy s, captivate…etc. because these phones can perform all basic phone functions. galaxy s2 is supposed have a mali-400 gpu, but people are getting the sgx540 instead in the G version, and whats the big deal? the big deal is.. the previous galaxy S is using the same GPU, and it is twice as slow. i am wondering now do you even know what is a GPU lol.

                  yes there is no perfect device in the world, but there is one that is closer to perfect compared to the rest. and what is wrong comparing two devices? problem? and why would i want to build myself some phone with nvidia gc? are u retarded? i dont get your point. really. have you even heard of processor efficiency? a faster and more powerful processor doesn’t mean it uses more battery juice. i dont have any heat issues whatsoever with my non-G version. maybe you want a phone that is ice cold to the touch, if you care about heat so much, why not build yourself a portable fridge then? (yea i learned how to ask retarded questions from you :P)

                  by the way… i am on 2.3.5 ki3 firmware now ๐Ÿ™‚

                  oh yes, now you can see the difference with apps with different processor.. so is it a big deal now?? lol. or you’re gonna say:”if you like fast social networking app so much, why not build yourself a portable super computer instead.”

                  so.. pls go and start building whatever you wanna build now ๐Ÿ˜›

                  • huh

                    hahaha, I just so love to see some retarded reply. Damn nice, gonna copy it as my quote in forum. THANKS =D
                    By the way, your 2.3.5 is from rooted and thats just not so ORIGINAL.
                    Try to get the official updates, you pirated Galaxy SII.

                    For the processor, they had already overclocked it to the specs where it should be the same with the previous Non G Version, what’s the big deal by then? So are you telling me now that G version has super downgraded to 1Ghz Processor? LMAO.

                    Get a life and dont make some silly comment over here.
                    Yeah I gonna build whatever I want to. So? At least I had my vision, unlike some who only came here to complain about some small issues. And another thing, don’t make yourselves sounds like knowing anything, you look way more down level retarded that I’ve ever seen in this world. Wanna know what? Scolding retarded was you at the first place, so there’s no more be nice with you. =)

                    Yeah, write more, like I’m gonna read it all. LMAO. =D

                    • lol

                      lol… 2.3.5 is rooted? you totally phail =) it is the official europe samsung firmware. and rooting is not piracy by the way =) android is open source, this is not apple. double phail there =) buahahah

                      dude.. the processor.. and there is a GPU… understand? GPU.. please tell me if SGX540 is as fast as mali-400 ya… please do your research… triple fail there =) LMAO…. at yourself

                      so… how many silly comments u made there? hahaha..
                      people can’t complain about small issues? so if you buy a honda city and found out the engine is actually a proton campro engine.. you don’t have the right to complain? and if people wanna complain, you ask the people to build their own car and engine? hahahahh… fail again..

                      lol… i didnt make myself sound like i know everything.. it is you who thought i knew everything ๐Ÿ˜›

                    • lol

                      lol.. i cant wait to see what you’re gonna reply after so many fails ..hahaha

                    • Guts

                      Ummm…due? I have the 2.3.5 update on my i9100 (none G) S2. And no, it’s not rooted. 2.3.5 is an official update for the i9100 S2 model and your phone does NOT need to be rooted in order to download it. But I have heard that some people are having some issues with the 2.3.6 update for the i9100g, not sure how many people are having issues, but they are out there.

    • syahrul

      i respect of what u are thinking, but, different people, different thinking..some want to use their phone like it came out of the box, but some, cheers =)

      • huh

        Yea, some people just like that. If they like it so much, why don’t they create their very own “smartphones” with super user over it. That should make it easier. Cheers!

        • Observer

          After reading all the shits you tried to tell us, I just realized that you’re a total asshole ๐Ÿ™‚

          • Salute

            A very BIG Salute for @lol and @Observer..u both got da main point

            • Mr Bee

              yes!! agreed

  • SkaRn

    I got both I9100 and I9100G.. and the I9100G seems to have about 10% less performance than the earlier I9100 in benchmarks.. but then again, its also 10% cheaper (RM200 ringgit) so can consider fair lah.. the only problem is Samsung did not publicize the change.. then again, when Proton sold earlier batch of Waja with Mitsubishi engine then change to Campro, I dont think they make official announcement of it? People who know, knows.. people who are ignorant, simply buy.. ๐Ÿ˜€

    In any case I’ll run benchmarks on both devices and post some results later, if I have time.

    • Hi SkaRn, good to know that you have both versions.

      Run NenaMark2, GLBenchmark 2.1 and Quadrant benchmark if can. Looking forward for your benchmarks. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Nazr

      Yep,same here.

    • huh

      Benchmark ? Its not much about benchmark to conclude everything.

    • SkaRn

      Here you go.. uploaded some of the benchmark results here :

      Post #1239

      • Thanks SkaRn. Read that yesterday already. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • c-MoOn

    Hi Jayce, before i start with the questioning, i just want to complement you on what a nice blog site u got here, it really help me out a lot on how to customize my SGS2. So what i wanna ask is how would i know if my phone is a 9100 or a 9100G ??

    I’m u asking this because I know i have a 9100 now, but i’m planing to send it in for warranty because of my ‘back button’ has a less responsive problem and I’m afraid that Samsung might replace it with a 9100G for me, I don’t want 9100G as my friends just bought one & i notice it has a slight lag when waking up & if the background if downloading & updating something at the same time while your typing in a calender or note, it would lag or stop until the installation is finish. Also I like rooting a lot. With root enable, I’m able to replace my laptop with this phone. Its just amazing what a rooted android can do, & with people like u helping noobies like me, its practically a digital heaven here.

    • The boot up logo should be GT-I9100. And Settings – About phone – Model Number too.

  • ash

    im planning buying SGS2 this u think i shud wait for the upcoming galaxy nexus or go for the SGS2? and when u think the galaxy nexus is officially available to buy in malaysia?

    • Nexus Prime was delayed. I don’t think it will release anytime soon. But it does have 720p display. If you really want that, you need to wait.

      SGS2 is good too. Serve me well. Find I9100 non-G version if you still can. ๐Ÿ˜‰

      • ash

        ok thx Jayce..maybe i go for the SGS2 then..
        n btw,how u differentiate the G and the non-G version on the box?or only can be known by using the phone?

        • Can see the model behind the box – bottom left == GT-I9100. When power on, the SGS2 logo should be GT-I9100 too.

          • the box might write not state that its GT-i9100G, it might just say GT-i9100.
            so, to be safe you should open the box and check the manual, if its i9100G you’ll see i9100G, if it does not have g it will be i9100

            • ash

              thx guys ๐Ÿ˜€

            • If box does not state GT-i9100G, then the manual might not be too. Bad seller in this case.

              Power on will be the best solution to find out. ๐Ÿ™‚

              • ash

                lol =_= therefor,need to be precise when buying SGS2..cant trust the seller fully eh..

  • Nazr

    Got GT i9100 at last!!! Go check at your nearest carefour to find one!!

    • Welcome to Galaxy S2 big family. ๐Ÿ˜€

  • suweb

    got GT I9100 from U-Mobile plan.. Did not realize this ‘G’ issue before, glad the phone is non-G.. phew~

  • Nazr

    Help!!! I just try to root my phone ,but right now i’m stuck at the yellow triangle part..!!!!! help!

    • What did you install? And which firmware are you using now?

      • Nazr

        GT19100 DZKI 1 ,but my phone firmware is DZKIz some thing like that.But,they said to use the closest kernel..I feel like i want to hit my head on the wall right now..:(

      • Nazr

        Fuhhh,i’m lucky bro..I manage to correct it.. I feel like crying now..

        • You are using DZKI1 firmware. Yours is G version?

  • Nazr

    nope,non g version..It seems like,after upgrade my firmware to 2.3.3 my kernel version has changed from xwkf1 to dzki1 . I’m lucky i’m still remember my previous kernel version. So,what do you think? Seriously dude,i really did want to hit my head on wall when my root fail..

    • Aiyo… Lot of G owners installed non G stuffs and soft brick. You are the first in the other way round. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Nazr

    Thx bro!! Keep up ur good work .Gonna check ur site more often after this..:)

  • wing

    u know to root i9100g ? ..thank for help

  • wing

    the all is use odin yaa….

  • wing

    u think at singapora can get i9100 s2 ,,hehe….

    • You can try to get AP I9100 at local store first. SG should have it too since I did not read any G version in SG yet.

  • wing

    ok i try ,thank

    • wing

      and one more again ,the sg galaxy s2 the Kernel Version is d? or k? ,thank

      • It should be same as Malaysia ~ DX.

  • wing

    if no use cf root-can use SiyahKernel
    use odin

  • George

    I still get a G coz digi only left back G stock and i am too lazy to find. Just need to know will you actually feel the speed different when using G and non-G

  • i’m using 1900g.i can play Asphalt 6 Adrenaline HD WCG 2011..but this phone easy get hang and battery not good..suddenly power off..

  • hakim

    guys, please help me. i tried rooting, im on the DZKI1 on 2.3.5 gingerbread. so when im rooting, i accidentally used I9100’s kernel and not the I9100G.

    now my phone stuck at the yellow triangle. when i pull out the battery it is also starts on the yellow triangle. i have downloaded the official DZKI1 firmware, and a pit file to repair my brick. but i can’t even enter download mode or recovery mode. odin can’t even detect the phone. (as i know when it detects it, the in the ID:COM box will have a number right?)

    please please help me.

    • Please refer to this guide –

    • hakim

      actually i forgot whether mine is DZKI1 or what. but i noticed that mine is DZK

    • Ooo

      How bout using using USB jig..?

      • hakim

        no USB jig for I9100G currently as im being told by a seller

  • Vincent

    Hello Ooi,
    Still remember me.UR From6 Classmate Chee Seang. Found your blog in S2 topic here. Sound great to hear u r the full time tech blogger and SEO consultant and investor. i’m the new S2 community member for I9100G. For my point of view and experience. Both model are not really able to fell the significant difference in the speed CPU and GPU for normal user like me. the only disandvantage of the new G version is no custom ROM deverlop for it for this moment. i just root my s2 with stock rom. Well, i used to deal with the Texas Instruments OMAP4430 BGA in Motorola Walkie talkie product before in SMT manufacturing. it is the most problematic and Sensitive BGA that i deal for that product but mainly is more to thier product design issue if the BGA is cover by shiell that cause the difficulty for manufacturing to perform inspection and rework. Overall performance for this BGA is still ok. So in term of the phone price and new cost CPU .i think is it fair game for consumer to get the new G version. The major improvement for G version that i impress is Less battery comsume and Less “Warmer” on the phone body is the advantage for S2 new community. i think it worth to get the G version.

    • Hi Vincent, nice to see you here. Sure I still remember you. And enjoy your SGS2. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Madan

    DEAR jayce, my brother has gifted me a Samsung GT-19100G Model recently from Malaysia. I live in Kathmandu Nepal, I am really in problem by using this phone, I try to connect to my PC to copy pic, but it shows nothing, just an empty dialog box, please help me, how can I perform properly, do I need any software to install or there is any internal defects???

  • Alex

    how to define AP s2 with original s2??

    • All non support by Samsung Malaysia Electronics (SME) is AP. There will be SME sticker on the box if supported by SME.

  • sam

    Jayce..might i ask u..i saw ur this post..i know abit about this..but white have non-G version?

    • Yes, but not from Samsung Malaysia. So AP only.

  • sam

    I dont really get what u mean?
    Means white got non-G but is AP?
    White also got G but is original?

  • sam

    ohh icic..hmm..hard to choose for like white but now..original is G..AP is non-G..
    non-G got heat issue..G no heat issue..mayb go for orignal G..

    • Mine don’t have heat issue unless I play extreme 3D games. Suspect those units have issue.

  • sam

    U are non-G version? but u rooted?
    as i know rooted wont have this issue anymore

    • Yes, non G version. Rooted but it does not have anything to do with heat issue here. It just give you root access.
      New Europe firmware might help to reduce it. But I don’t have heat issue with unrooted original stock XWKF1 firmware. So I say it might be hardware issue.

  • rsaged

    I am using the i9100G and i can download and play Asphalt6HD from the “Game Hub” and not thru the samsung.

  • roma

    I need your advice jaycee, pls. help. My I-9100 lost its wi-fi and i brought it to one of the affiliate service center of samsung. Fortunately, one of the tech is my friend and he told me that he will replace the board but, the only available board right now in their center is i-9100G w/c I don’t like. bec, it’s clock processor is not the same. It’s been 1 month now and still waiting. Do I have to get it back and bring it to samsung service center? My worries is they might replace my phone to 9100g w/o asking me. Thanks!

    • You can’t do anything much if the Wi-Fi hardware module is faulty. Did you try to factory reset your phone?

      • roma

        Yes, I almost did anything. :'( isn’t unfair if they will replace my i9100 to i9100g? :'(

        • Yes, it is unfair. You can file a report to consumer right associations if Samsung Malaysia changed a I9100G mobo for you.

  • Goblin

    Just bought my SGS2 i9100G from DIGI for RM1199 (24 months contract, RM48 commitment per month for 3GB of data, calls/sms pay per use) a few days ago, worth it IMO. oh yeah, the latest firmware update from KIES…now the G version runs at full 1200Mhz and the benchmark almost on par with the non-G version. So we can all forget about the non-G advantage. The G phone runs cool even after extended play (slighty warm, nothing to worry). Just love is phone….for RM1.2K….can’t be beaten!!!

  • Goblin

    The DIGI plan suits me well btw, my calls very little, but use data a lot….:) I am already using the DIGI plan with no contracts for > 1 year…WTH…might as well get a phone for cheap while i am on it.

  • Bryan

    Digi centre is selling a fake samsung galaxy s2…rm950…
    they say offer 3 days…

  • Rupesh

    Hi, I have recently bought Samsung S2. Today when connected to Kies. It had a new firmware. So i updated it..the firmware got downloaded.. but its almost 30mins..the phone still shows “Downloading Do not turn of the target!!”

    The Kies window on my machine which as showing the status vanished. the main window of Kies is stating “connection error”

    please help ..what has happen to my phone.

    • If hang for long time, reboot your phone and PC. Update Samsung Kies to the latest version. Then try to upgrade again.

  • AFIQ

    hai…i’ve got SGS II g version…after read above, i think want to change to the non g version..can anyone advise me?confusing…

  • shaik

    Hi any one tell me Samsung Galaxy S-2 (GT-I9100G) get update for ICE 4.0.3?????????

  • elenel

    hi jaycee!! nid some advice i recently buy a G-version of SGS 2 hre in penang my android ver is 2.3.6, kernel ver is se.infra@SEI-30 #2, baseband ver is DZKJ2, and my CSC is OLCKJ2 .. i’m asking only if this is a new firmware? or hve another update firmware for my phone? pls help…

    • Which country are you from?

    • Syahrul

      there is new firmware for this phone for malaysia, which is DZKL3..and it is still 2.3.6..juz fix few bugs and proximity sensor compare to DZKJ2..

      • elenel

        i’m from philippines working hre in penang,, nw my phone can’t boot in downloading mode i try hard reset no luck.. wt should i do yestarday i try update firmware from DZKJ2 to DZKL3, i use odin after click PDA and then the TAR file DZKL3 from superatmos then fail in zImage.. nw i’m worried to samsung service center that they cannot accept it bec. its already void the warranty.. btw i brought this phone only in january 2012.. pls give some advice jaycee… tnx..

        • Hi elenel, you should have issue to install official firmware with Odin. What did you install actually?

          • elenel

            they said that DZKL3 is the update firmware of DZKJ2 thats why i install it.. evrytime i install this updated firmware it hang then can’t even finish the process of the program.. what do you mean “issue to install official firmware with odin”? my original firmware is DZKJ2 when i bought it to the shop…

            • Syahrul

              he means that u should not have an issue install official firmware with the way, where did u download the DZKL3?

            • Hehe… Missing ‘not’ word. Getting old already. ๐Ÿ˜›

  • sometime im doubt my samsung galaxy s2g, beacause sometime hang and camery error what is the best option

    • Hi rands, please consult Samsung Support for solution. It is either software or hardware issue.

  • hellow jay it me againt.. thank for ur replying regarding my problem my gadget.. jay i have another problem my galaxy s2g regarding my headset, beacouse only one can working, the one is u can hear nothing, the only one earplug can working, what is the problem my galaxy s2g or this headset,,

    • Try your headset on other device. Suspect a faulty headset.

  • rands

    hellow jy good evening,, what is different between andriod 2 3 6 and andriod 4 0 3.. and what is root, what faction the root to the phone,, and how to root my phone…

    • Hi rands, please take your time to study my SGS2 guides here. You will get your answers.

  • puge007

    Hi Jayce,

    May I ask you, because when I update my SGS2 G version from GB 2.3.6 to ICS 4.0.3 my RAM decreases by almost 200+ MB. I don’t know if it is natural or there’s something wrong with my update procedures.

    • Hi puge007, no worry. This is perfectly fine. A known issue for I9100G ICS.

      • puge007

        u mean, it is ok?

        • Yes dear.

          • puge007

            okay, thanks Jayce. ^_^

  • Wika

    Dear Jacye,

    I have Samsung S2 (GT-19100G) and i live in Indonesia. I have a problem, my Phone can’t be used in My country because they can’t receive Signal from Indonesian Provider. Can you give advice for my Problem? Thanks

    • Hi Wika, try other SIM card see. If still cannot, your SGS2 might have issue.

      • Wika

        Hi Joyce,

        I have tried another SIM Card and still can’t receive signal. Maybe my problem is the Phone use ROM for Malaysia and its can’t work in my country? What should i do to fix the problem? Do you know what ROM is commonly used in Indonesia?


        • Malaysia ROM is working fine on other country too. I suspect your EFS data is gone. Do you still have IMEI data (Settings – About device – Status)?

  • aung

    i already buy this suck samsung galaxy s2 GT-I9100G

  • aung

    when i buy this samsung s2 gt-i9100g android version is already 4.0.3 this is real or not can u tell me pls