Hmm… I am not sure why. Several companies that I deal with lately are slow in response. I faced company like Advertlets that don’t/delay pay blogger money and no response or vary late response (after you post something at your blog, then they response). Citibank Malaysia ~ credit card department is another case. It took them more than 3 months to send the 2GB Philips GoGear Digital MP3 Player (I won’t get the gift if I don’t follow up). Here come another slow slow company ~ PROLiNK Malaysia.

We are in information age. You need to act fast else you will be far behind. I mentioned that I am the winner for PROLiNK2u Online Game Contests. And I won PROLiNK 19″ LCD monitor and PROLiNK wireless laser mouse. I could not wait to get my prizes that time. Therefore, I asked my PC supplier to help to get it for me because he knows PROLiNK staff (11 January 2009). PROLiNK staff promised him that will send the prizes before Chinese New Year. Woo, this is good. However, I still did not get anything after Chinese New year. So I contacted PROLiNK staff, Myke directly…

I started engaging Myke on 13 February 2009. He requested my IC copy to send to PROLiNK Singapore HQ for verification. I replied with my IC copy on the next day. After week, I did not receive any email or call from him. Therefore, I emailed him again on 20 February (no response), 24 February. Finally, got reply from him stated that

Hi Jacye,

Sorry for the late reply.
We are still waiting the product to come in next week so we can ship to you immediately


Again I sent another email after 1 week. Another reply from him on 3 March 2009…

Hi Jayce,
I think shipment will be in this friday so maybe monday they can ship to you.

Sorry for the delay again.

On 10 March 2009, I gave up email. I called Myke directly. We chat for a while. He said that the is another staff, Gogi who in charge of sending this prizes. Asked me to contact her directly. Okay, fine. I can deal with her. :)

I called Gogi more than 5 times. She said that she was busy on the first 2 times. Will get back to me after got approval from her management. Huh? What approval? I requested on 11 January 2009 (the first contact). And you still need approval on 11 March 2009? Fine… Fine… Get your management approval…

I called on 13 March 2009 morning. She said that management already approved and my prizes will be sent in the afternoon. During 4pm that afternoon, I got a call from her said that my prizes will be shipped after next Monday. One of the prizes was running out of stock. Okay…. Another fine with me… I do not know how many fine and waited since 11 January 2009.

No prizes on Wednesday… So I called again on Thursday, 19 March 2009. “Oh, the prizes were ready. We are waiting for the SkyNet Courier to pick up and send to you. I will call you when it is shipped.“, she replied. Fine… Fine… Fine… My patience ran out. Here is this post. I would not post this if I still can stand with this unprofessional service.

Note – I don’t like to complain. I prefer praising others. Check out these posts. I would have written a ‘thanks PROLiNK’ post if PROLiNK Malaysia sent out the prizes earlier.

Free Tux stickers from Wing Loon
Thanks Citibank Berhad for Apacer Audio Steno AU231 512MB again
Thanks Nuffnang for its first cheque to
Thanks Canon Marketing (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd. for giving free service on Canon Digital IXUS 500
Thanks HSBC for the watch and umbrella!!!

By the way, I forgot to thanks PROLiNK Malaysia on willing to send my prizes to me. Let’s wait and see when will my prizes arrive…

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