Samsung Galaxy S3 XXEMA2 Firmware Upgrade for Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand & Vietnam

Samsung Galaxy S III Premium Suite Upgrade is here for Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam Samsung Galaxy S3 users. Yup, grab these features in the latest Android 4.1.2 XXEMA2 Firmware. Update through OTA or Samsung Kies and enjoy these nicely done features like Page Buddy, Contexual Menu, Contexual Tag, Multi Window, Auto Share Shot Paring using NFC, Reader Mode, Facebook Lock Ticker, Paper Artist, Low Light Shot, Best Face, Easy Mode, Sound Balance, Setup Wizard and Camera Easy Snap…

Samsung Galaxy S3 XXEMA2 Jelly Bean Firmware Upgrade

Still did not get OTA notification about this latest XXEMA2 Jelly Bean Firmware? Go to Settings – About device – Software update – Update ~ Check for updates. Or upgrade with slower method ~ Samsung Kies. Me? Can’t wait for official Android 4.2 firmware which can enable 4x MSAA in OpenGL ES 2.0 games. That need to wait after Samsung Galaxy S4 launch, I believe…

  • Souvik

    After updating you can review all those new feature Jayce…..It will be great !!!

    • You can see them in Premium Suite Upgrade video already. πŸ™‚

  • fps

    I’m using UK stock firmware,that is I9300XXELLA. So far,I heard it fixed sudden death issue and I’m very satisfied with it except battery life…

    My question is,XXEMA2 that released to Asia countries recently would be better than XXELLA which released a month ago ?

    If would be best if you could provide me both changelog so I can make a best decision.

    • No idea here also because I did not try both of them.

    • hola

      go to XXEMA2

      • daniel

        on XXEMA2 now but still have sudden death issues. freaking phone is restarting every 5 mins till flat

        • hola

          dont have this prob for me..
          how u install XXEMA2..

  • Hazim

    Hai, i want to ask, why i cannot update using OTA???

    • Hi Hazim, is there any error message?

      • hazim

        when i check it, it said i already install the updates but i still android 4.1

        • Hmm… Try to update with Samsung Kies then.

  • yaw sant

    Hi Jayce, my Model is gt I9300T. Will this firmware suite with device? Please? And I just found out that when I connect to computer with Kies, it’s says that I can upgrade firmware which is PDA:LL2 PHONE: LL2 is that firmware what you giving here? My current firmware version is 4.1.1. Thanks Bro

    • Not exact match but same batch for your region.

      • yaw sant

        Thanks Jayce.

  • My brother in Singapore upgraded his S3 but it stuck in boot screen. Samsung service center told him it could happen.

  • ivan

    hi jayce,just want to ask is there any kernel compatible for android revolution hd that can fix my battery problem?thanks. cause my battery is draining so fast.

    • Hi ivan, most S3 kernel should work. But you need to try them one by one to find the best for you.

      • ivan

        thank you jayce.I’ll try this siyah kernel first.hope this will work. πŸ™‚

  • sham

    Hi there, thank you for the post. I have one question, which method do I use to re-root the phone? Thanks

  • Update


    Updating through says failed to upgrade.unknown error occured.

    Any ideas??

  • Carsley

    Can I download it from check fus downloader? I need to select GT-I9300MBDXME?

    • Check fus downloader is not working properly right now. You may download it from SamMobile.

  • aical

    hi jayce if i upgrade firmware using odin what happen to all my data ? still in my phone or gone?

    • Upgrade official firmware won’t delete any data but no harm to make backup first.

  • adam

    Hi Jayce,

    Happy CNY to you!

    When i connected to kies, it showed this message at the firmware information:
    “Your Device’s Current Firmware Version is not supported to update firmware via kies”

    my current firmware version is : PDA:LK4/Phone:LI5/CSC:LK5(XME)

    Can you assist?


    • Happy Chinese New Year to you too, adam.

      Is your Samsung Kies updated to the latest version?

  • adam

    Hi Jayce,

    Yes, my Samsung Kies is the latest version.


    • Did you modify your firmware like install custom kernel, change CSC?

      • adam

        Yes, I used odin to update it to 4.1.2
        before the official firmware for 4.1.2 released. πŸ™

        Any idea to solve it?


        • Then you need to install official Android 4.1.2 firmware with Odin. Else you can’t update with Samsung Kies.

          • adam

            Oh ic.. Then I will leave it until the next firmware update only I update with odin since
            its already 4.1.2

            Thanks for your clarification and happy weekend.

  • henry


    Apparently I have not observe any changes after it went from xxellc to xxema2…though still right now, my continuous input is still grayed out but checked. And swype key is no longer functioning. Any idea?

    • You need to enable Predictive text in order to use Continuous input. Keyboard swipe will be disabled when Continuous input is turned on.

      • henry

        Jc.. I did that.. well for some reason.. I disabled go launcher ex notifications and it did the job.
        Quite interesting though. But it good to go… going back to xxellc to xxema2? Any idea about that?

  • Salamullah Khan

    Hai jayce, im using s3 build number XXEMA2. Can you guide me on how to add all application on my MultiWindow . I dont want to do rooting as it would effect my warranty. Looking for your reply as soon as possible. Tq

    • You can’t do so without root access.

  • william

    Hi Jayce, i’m try to update my s3 android 4.1,1 manualy,when check for update,it show the message “your device has been updates are not available”,my android still is 4.1.1, nothing change, what’s the meaning of that message?

    • It mean your SGS3 has been modified manually. Can’t receive update from Samsung Kies anymore.

      • william

        How can i solve this problem & receive update from samsung ? can i update from kies through my PC ?

        • Install back official firmware with Odin.

  • william

    Actualy i just bought s3 a month ago,when i get the phone,the update notification was shown up,i didn’t do anything because i been told by the phone shop sales person just leave it that way,don’t update it ,your device will hang if do so,after that my colleague said she always update her phone (which also s3) when notification shown up,her device didn’t facing any problem,so i decide to update my device few days ago,after click the update notification, my device shown the message “Your device has been modified,software updates are not available”, why this happen? i didn’t do anything with my phone, try to update through kies too but fail it keep shown the message “you PC didn’t have sufficient space, need 4250 MB space ” but my PC still have enough place about 200GB, why this happen ?

    • Hi william, hard to say what is causing this (since I don’t know what had you installed). The best person to know is the shop sales person and Samsung Support.

  • william

    I didn’t install anything when i bought s3, after that only install some apps,been ask the sales person & Samsung customer service,thet gave the same answer,sent your phone to service centre, i’m angry because i bought a totaly new phone,but i get the older Android 4.1.1 version,both sales person & Samsung customer can’t do anything, it is not fair !

    • Sorry to hear that, william. Service center is the only official way for your case.


    man the baseband version n build number must be the same ??

  • Garydulfo

    Hijayce ooi, i have a problem i accidentally use wrong cm via odin it fail and after that Sir my s3 said this”FIRMWARE UDGRADE ENCOUNTERED AN ISSUE,PLEASE SELECT RECOVERY MODE IN KIES AND TRY AGAIN

    If use the kies to recover my s3 but it says what is the recovery code,where could i find it and what will i do?made in vietnam is and 4.1.2 of my s3 pls help my to bring my s3 to nomal,thanks

  • Garydulfo

    Recovery code,thank what the kies needing,what will i do,huhuhu

    • Sorry Garydulfo, I have no idea on this code. Try to consult Samsung Support.

  • Garydulfo

    Is there any way i could do to bring back my s3 to normal?how kung i know if my s3 was brick?

    • Can you load CWM or Odin download mode?

  • Garydulfo

    Odin download mode yes sir.

  • Garydulfo

    What is the ideal fimware that i should download,my s3 is made in vietnam sir,thanks and GODBLESS

    • Hi Garydulfo, use back your original stock firmware.

  • Garydulfo

    hi jayce, how could i know may original stock firmware?i have no idea on may s3?

  • Garydulfo

    Sir jayce is this the right stockfirmware for me?
    Vietnam 2013 July 4.1.2 I9300XXEMF6

    I saw it here?

    Pls confirm it so i can dl it asap…thanks

    • Hi Garydulfo, those are I9300 firmware for Vietnam. Correct or not. I have no idea. But should be okay since you bought it at Vietnam.

  • Garydulfo

    I bought it here in philippines but when i so the back of my s3 it is said made in vietnam so i think firmware for vietnam that i should download? What will happen if i install wrong stockfirmware?

    Is ther way to know my stock firmware?thank in advance sir jayce

    • You should have use Philippines firmware then.

  • Garydulfo

    Even it is said made in vietnam?

    • Yes dear. Mine is made in China. But I am using Malaysia firmware.

  • Garydulfo

    so i will download phil firmware?

    • Totally up to you. It should. πŸ™‚

  • Garydulfo

    Sir jayce could i can root my s3 even if ive have. Issue/problem before?

  • Garydulfo

    For now its normal but ive told you before,i tried to root it before apparantly i installed wrong firmware,my s3 FIRMWARE UPGRADE ENCOUNTERD AND ISSUE,PLEASE SELECT RECOVERY MODE IN KIES AND TRY AGAIN…that what it said after,then i brought the unit on custumer service center then they fix it via bringing a stock firmware,so far i think my unit is on normal condition,but im woundering if i could root it?

    • Hmm… Don’t confuse rooting with install other custom firmware. Rooting only grant you root access. Use CF-Root to do so and usually no issue.

  • Garydulfo

    So i can root again even if my issue in the past?how to use CF-root?do you have a link about it?thanks sir