Samsung Galaxy S4 MHL 2.0 HDTV Adapter Review (Video)

Samsung has new HDTV Adapter every year since Galaxy S2. Galaxy S3 / Note 2 HDTV Adapter is the same as S2 which based on MHL 1.0 standard except come with 11-pin micro USB connector (instead of 5-pin). By the way, MHL == Mobile High-Definition Link. Yes, there is a new HDTV Adapter for Galaxy S4 (like GT-I9500, GT-I9505…) as well. The latest Micro USB to HDMI converter model is ET-H10FAUWEGWW. It supports Full HD 1080p output up to 60 fps. And no power source is required for Galaxy S4 which support MHL 2.0 standard. It is backward compatible with both Galaxy S3 and Note 2 on MHL 1.0 support only (external power source is needed). Is this MHL adapter perfect for gaming and multimedia? Read my Samsung Galaxy S4 MHL 2.0 HDTV Adapter Review to find out…

Video Review

Performance Results
Yes, the latest Samsung MHL 2.0 HDTV Adapter works perfectly on Galaxy S4. Mirror Galaxy S4 screen through HDMI to bigger TV or monitor. And running at 1080p 60 fps. By the way, you can also charge it by connecting external power source. What is the use of this HDTV Adapter? Well, you can share photo with friends and family on big screen. Watch movie or listen to your favourite music. And enjoy mobile games on 50″+ big TV screen. Turn your Galaxy S4 into a game console with Bluetooth gamepad like DualShock 3 Wireless Controller. As you can see from my video review, it is nice to share photo (slideshow mode) and watch movie. And play games like Beach Buggy Blitz, Mega Run, Zen Pinball HD, Jetpack Joyride, Super Mario World (SNES emulator), Cordy 2, Dungeon Hunter 4, Dead Trigger and Real Racing 3. More and more Android games will support game controller natively after Nvidia Shield come out. Enjoy all of them on your nice and soft couch. By the way, you can also turn your Galaxy S4 into a productivity office workstation with Bluetooth keyboard and mouse. Prepare and edit your office word, powerpoint or excel documents. Surf Internet…

Samsung Galaxy S4 MHL 2 HDTV Adapter

Samsung MHL 2.0 HDTV Adapter is one of the must have accessories for Galaxy S4. It will turn the 5″ small screen into a big screen experience. Expend your Galaxy S4 world further…

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  • Surren

    Hello jayce. Can Sgs3’s mhl adapter be used with Sgs4?


    Hey Jayce,
    Some good questions for you (glad you’ve got the hardware):
    How does using the MHL affects the heating of S4 while playing games?
    Further, does the screen reacts worse after some time?
    Also, how does the above (heating and screen reaction) changes while connecting the charger?

    And lastly – IF you have access to 2nd S4 – how does Group Play (share) affects the heating and screen reaction, both while non-charging AND while charging? Asphalt 7 is a good game to test it since it supports Group Share/Play.
    Thx in advance for answers! πŸ™‚ and keep up the good job! πŸ™‚

    • Heating as usual. Lower a bit when you dim the screen backlight to minimum.
      Reacts worse after some time? Didn’t see that yet.
      Heat to up 60 Β°C on 3D games during charging.

      No chance to play with another Galaxy S4 yet. Too bad…

      • PLANET

        Yes Jayce, screen reactions in games worsened much (along with phone heat) when charging AND using an MHL adapter in case of S2 for longer time.
        Charging alone caused only microlags (almost always unseen), but MHL + charging meant heating very much AND the lags, the bigger the longer the phone was charged. In the end they were massive, easily seen by even a layman.
        Of course we’re talking about running graphics-intensive games for a long time (a few hours)

        Could you please try to leave a phone connected to MHL and a charger WHILE the phone is running a graphics-heavy game for about two+ hours (phone: screen ON, game on foreground + being in 3D-mode, but not necessarily playing – rendering alone is ok – like the spinning 3D car in garage in Asphalt 7, for a good example) ?
        And after those two+ hours – could you check, most importantly, how the screen/game reacts (are there any lags) after those 2+ hours? Sound could be as well muted, it’s not the part of the problem. Heat is also important, but not as much as the lags.

        I would be really very grateful for those two hours of your time, man!

        • Tested it again just to answer you. No lag. πŸ™‚

          • PLANET

            Thank You very, _VERY_ much!

  • Nu

    For S4 since power is not required then will this drain battery more since it will draw power from the phone itself?
    HDMI connection will not charge the phone right?

    • Need to run some tests to find out this.

  • preben

    Hi can i put a hub and a keyboard + mouse and charge it at the same time as one can with the dock yours PHP

    • OTG function is not working with this MHL adapter.

      • preben

        Thanks allot yours PHP

  • I have adaptor like yours, but mine cant work without power input. it shows hdmi connected and then disconnected again.

    I thought something wrong with my adapter, but when connect to power input everything seems fine, I got 60 fps and my phone get charge, I play MC4 for 30minutes, battery still 80% (I assume it get charge at the same rate with the output).

    Are ur phone rooted? mine rooted and device status official. I dont know if this is the reason cant connect without power input.

    • Hi dhiku, is yours original?

      Yes, rooted but it does not matter here.

      • dhiku

        how to check? my box and cable is very similar to yours.
        product code is H10FAUWEGWW

        • Price itself will tell. Original around $40. Fake one is a lot cheaper. Or bring it to Samsung Service Center to find out.

          • dhiku

            yes, on samsung check it is $39.9. I got around $25. but I ‘ll check to service center samsung to clarify. so far I test 2 s4 and all is not working without power adaptor.

            • Hmm… You either get a faulty one in this case. Or a fake one. Anyway, Samsung Service Center able to solve it.

          • dhiku

            hi I just want to share, finally I got the original one with $35 and it’s working without adaptor, 60fps, no lag.

            compare to fake one, the original is more heavier a bit, has plastic wrap on the adaptor. but no difference on the box, product code is the same. so you won’t notice by looking at the box.

            • Thanks for the clarification, dhiku. Just as I expected. Lot of fake ones out there. πŸ™‚

  • sean

    Hey I have MLBTV and NFL Sunday Ticket apps on my S4.

    I stream them from my phone and on the phone it looks like perfect HD but onto the tv you can tell its pixelated… not terrible but definitily not 1080p. Any way to fix this or any reason why this may be? I did a speed test my ping was 43ms and my DL speed was 13.20 MBPS and my upload was 5.58 MBPS

    • Hi sean, do you have this kind of issue with other apps?

      • sean

        I tried stream youtube HD vids and they are perfect…maybe it has something to do with MLBTV and NFL sunday ticket being live streams?

        • Look like it. Try to consult their support to confirm.

  • abel


    Please, you can say the names to me of the videogames that leave in the video?

    than you so much.

    • Hi abel, the games are listed in the article already.

      • abel

        Thank you. Its true!

  • mohammad

    hello sir i have the samsung MHL hardware but i m using lg g2 phone its work or not pliz help

    • Hi mohammad, LG G2 is using SlimPort not MHL.

  • mohammad

    thank sooooo much sir .but witch cable i can use for g2

  • Tsmund

    Dear Jayce,

    Do you know of any resellers in the USA that sell this adapter?

    Also where is the link to how you are using the PS controller with the S4 on your demo video, please?



  • Pratik

    Dear Jayce,

    Will this adapter work with the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 edition tablet
    Im confused whether my note tablet has a 5pin or 11pin micro usb connector


  • George

    I have buy one from Samsung store and its causing gps interference. Could you test this. Because i am trying to use with mi appradio

    • Sorry, I can’t test it. My S4 can’t have GPS lock at my TV location. It’s indoor. Why do you need GPS?

  • Catherine

    Does it works for note 1?

    • No Catherine, Note 1 needs MHL 1.0 version model.

  • Jorge

    Will it work with my Samsung Tab 3 model SM-T217S sprint version? Thank you

    • MHL feature is not listed on its specs. So I don’t think so.

  • Daniel

    i get a sound delay when playing games(gta vice city and max payne) how do i fix that?
    is there some settings that must be turned on/off?

    • Sorry Daniel, I don’t have this kind of issue. Please consult Samsung Support for help.

  • Francisco

    How I know if my tv it is mhl
    I have a tv rca model rlded3205a
    and a Samsung S3

  • Salvo Errori

    work with samsung note pro 12.2