Shell Citibank Credit Card – GPS Bay Car Navigating device (Model 3303)

Shell Citibank Credit Card – GPS Bay Car Navigating device (Model 3303)


Yeah… Citibank has another promotion for its Shell Citibank Credit Card. Citibank offered HP Compaq Presario C700 series Notebook for its Shell Citibank Credit Card last time. And Citibank offers GPS Bay Car Navigating device (Model 3303) with RM399 now.

This GPS Bay Car Navigating device (Model 3303) offer will be valid from 1 August 2008 to 28 February 2009 and is only applicable to all new principal Shell Citibank credit card holders. Whoever did not manage to apply Shell Citibank Credit Card like me, you can apply for it now.

However, do you know what is the specification of this GPS Bay Car Navigating device (Model 3303) by GPS Bay Sdn. Bhd.? Can it outperform my newly bought Garmin nuvi 200W? For your info, both of them are selling for RM1299.

Will this GPS Bay Car Navigating device (Model 3303) specification better?


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  • Tada

    The chepaest I found for Nuvi 200 online is around RM950…..still a bit dear, otherwise would have bought one…

  • Jayce

    The GPS price is expensive in Malaysia. I got my Garmin Nuvi 200W at RM677 only from US. :D

  • Eric

    I saw the same product before. if not mistaken, it is come from Shenzhen Evergrow Technology Co. Ltd. I think the price is not so expenisv, coz average price for gps is about RM200-RM400 per unit (in bundle)(depend on the offer). but to be honest, I’m not sure the cost of the product.

  • Jayce

    Thanks for info. :D

  • Paul

    Need help on info for GPS Bay Car Navigating device (Model 3303), updates, maps & goodies, service? Or the Nuvi 200 better? Can anyone help on the diff between the 2 models?

  • Jayce

    Based on the price… Garmin Nuvi 200 should be better. :P

  • Paul

    Thanks a lot Jayce, one more here, know anyone I can lay my hands on one? Worried of after sales service, I went to Low Yat and they said they it comes with preloaded 7 maps, so dunnow which is true and genuine.

  • Jayce

    For Garmin, you can get your maps free from :D

  • Paul

    Jayce, you the Man!!!!

    I’m not GPS savvy,why do you pref Garmin than Bay Car? i ned to justify. Can I get support online easily? How much does it cost to maintain one?

    Many thnaks again!

  • Jayce

    Garmin is branded and good in GPS. Try to look into both websites and you will know what I mean.
    Not sure about the hardware support. Didn’t try it out yet. Cher… Better don’t. Touch wood. :P

  • Adrian

    Hi Jayce,

    I just bought a nuvi 200 and I need info on how to get updated maps from Malsingmaps. Any help on how to upload these maps and update my existing ones would be appreciated.

    Also, how do I know what current Malsingmaps version I am currently using?

  • james

    how can get ..i want buy,,,ths,,,,so much..

  • tish

    hey jayce,

    needed some info on this product.can we track it or any optional way.ty

  • Jayce

    @tish: Sorry… I don’t know as I don’t have it.

  • Horlic Lim

    That day using my fren’s Gamin Navigator to find few companies at shah alam but failed to detect it. Hope more improvement on the location map.