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Google Wave Invitation Giveaway

Yeah… Who want to join Google Wave? I have some invitations to giveaway. Check out this post if you don’t know what is Google Wave. Limited invitation, first come first serve.


By the way, just leave your email at the mail column will do. Not need to write it down at comment column. I am not responsible if people spam your email. Enjoy waving… ;)

Update 15 Dec 2009 ~ Got another 16 new invitations.

Yeah… I got Google Wave Invitation

Yup, I got Google Wave Invitation. Hmm… Not the invitation that give others. I received Google Wave Invitation from my buddy, Bernie. Actually, I don’t what is Google Wave about before the invitation. Just heard a little bit about Google Wave. Something that will improve blogging, IM stuffs. Am I right? I am still not too sure. Still need some time to explore it. Check out below video to find out more about Google Wave. By the way, did I mention that Google Wave is cool? Yeah… Google Wave is COOL. :)

Thanks Nuffnang for the invitation to Nuffnang Asia-Pacific Blog Awards on 23rd October 2009. I just received a call from Nuffnang. She offered me a pair of invites. Too bad that KL and Singapore are far from my home town, Kedah. And I have a Monday to Friday work to do. In addition, I am on L3 support on WW42 and WW43. I really cannot make it.


Actually, I did not ever attend any Nuffnang event before. Why? Most of the events were in KL. How am I going to attend? There were few times in Penang but I missed them too. I will try my best to attend one of them in the future (when the time is right of course). ;)

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