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Chinese is supported natively in Android as it has simplified and traditional Chinese locale support, which gives you Chinese fonts and the option to change the entire interface into Chinese. But not every Android ROMs has Chinese input method by default. Therefore, Google comes out its own Google Pingyin IME (谷歌拼音输入法) for Android. It is only support Pingyin and Stroke but it is enough to get you started to write Chinese now. Most of all, it is from Google Inc and FREE…

Google Pingyin IME (谷歌拼音输入法)


Thunder English, XunLei English 5 language pack installation guide. Yup, I have Thunder English Language Pack (XunLei English) already. But I don’t have a guide to install it. No worry, here come the Thunder English, XunLei English 5 language pack installation guide.

How to install Thunder English, Xunlei English 5 language pack:
1. Download 迅雷 (XunLei) Thunder 5 English Language Pack first.
2. Copy it to Thunder language folder. (Eg. C:\Program Files\Thunder Network\Thunder\Languages).
3. Start Thunder (XunLei).
4. Click the third option, ??(V).
5. Then Language and select English(US).
6. That’s it, no more steps.

Enjoy downloading…


Have you ever hear about 迅雷 (XunLei) Thunder 5? It is new to me last month. 迅雷 (XunLei) Thunder 5 is a download manager. Besides download normal http or ftp files, it can be used to download BitTorrent and Emule pear to pear (p2p) files type too. I tested 迅雷 (XunLei) Thunder 5 for several weeks after recommended by my friend. In short, the download speed is never the same as before. It is really fast. But it is an ad-ware. 😛

迅雷 (XunLei) Thunder 5


XunLei English / Thunder English 5 is sharing all your files? Is this true? I read one website mentions that. He is using Process Monitor software to track XunLei activities. He mentioned that XunLei was sharing his files in C:\Downloads folder. I am curious too. Therefore, I did my finding with Process Monitor too. Hmm… Is XunLei really sharing all my files?

Thunder / XunLei on Process Monitor


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