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Stadthuys Museums Complex, Malacca

Continued from Yong Ann Birds’ Nests, Malacca

Stadthuys Museums Complex consists 5 museums which are History & Ethnography Museum, Literature Museum, Admiral Cheng Ho’s Gallery, Governor Museum and Government Democracy Museum. If not mistaken, History & Ethnography Museum building and Admiral Cheng Ho’s Gallery building are linked together. Anyway, we are going to visit History & Ethnography Museum first. Let’s go… Oh by the way, you need to pay entrance fee. One ticket for all the museums. :)

Stadthuys Museums Complex, Melaka


Christ Church, Malacca

Continued from Dutch Square, Malacca

Christ Church is recognized as the oldest functioning Protestant church in Malaysia. It is still being used when we visited. Too bad that we are not allowed to take photo inside the church. Anyway, here you are. The red strawberry-coloured church that built by Dutch in 1753.

Christ Church Melaka


Dutch Square, Malacca

Continued from Malaysia Youth Museum, Malacca

Dutch Square, also called Red Square at Malacca. It is called Red Squared because all of the buildings around it are in red colour. You can see Malaysia Youth Museum, Stadhuys, Christ Church, Queen Victoria Fountain and Tang Beng Swee Clock Tower (built in 1886) over there.

Tang Beng Swee Clock Tower at Dutch Square


Malaysia Youth Museum, Malacca

Continued from Malacca River, here we are…

Malaysia Youth Museum is known as Muzium Belia Malaysia in Bahasa Malay. It is a museum dedicated to the youth of Malaysia and was Malacca General Post Office building formerly. There are documents, information and paraphernalia related to local and international activities of various Malaysian youth in the museum. And here are also photographs, awards, trophies and other exhibits. Entrance fee is required. Therefore, we did not want to waste the money to visit it. We all know what Malaysia youth will do, right? :P

Malaysia Youth Museum, Malacca


Continued from Jayce and Ellen at Malaqa House Museum

Baba Nyonya Heritage Museum, Malacca is another place that we did not manage to take any photo. Why? Because they don’t allow. Simple as that. :P By the way, Baba and Nyonya are also known as the Straits Chinese or Peranakan. This Baba Nyonya Heritage Museum offers guided tours and you need to pay for it of course. The admission fee is RM8 for adults and RM4 for children. They will guide you all the way, explaining the wonderful unique culture of Baba and Nyonya. Enjoy the historical artifacts, and the Chinese tradition of female foot-binding…

Baba Nyonya Heritage Museum, Malacca


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