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Thanks Nuffnang for the invitation to Nuffnang Asia-Pacific Blog Awards on 23rd October 2009. I just received a call from Nuffnang. She offered me a pair of invites. Too bad that KL and Singapore are far from my home town, Kedah. And I have a Monday to Friday work to do. In addition, I am on L3 support on WW42 and WW43. I really cannot make it.


Actually, I did not ever attend any Nuffnang event before. Why? Most of the events were in KL. How am I going to attend? There were few times in Penang but I missed them too. I will try my best to attend one of them in the future (when the time is right of course). ;)

My website does not perform well this few days. Why? I have Nuffnang ad on the very beginning of my website layout. Nuffnang.com.my network seems very busy lately. Therefore, my website loading speed is slow because it needs to wait for Nuffnang ads timeout first before can load other part layout. I faced this problem yesterday and it is happening right now. I always get “Network Timeout” error when try to loading Nuffnang.com.my website. However, I did not face any problem with Nuffnang.com.sg or Nuffnang.com.ph.


It this DNS issue? Or TMNET Streamyx issue? Or other issue? Hmm… Do you also facing Nuffnang network slowness issue? :?

Do you want to watch a live match at Old Trafford? He… He… Now you have the chance by eating Mister Potato Chips or Mister Potato Crisps. Huh? All you have to do is collect as many red canister paper seals or bags as you can. Hurry up… Go to shopping mall to buy Mister Potato snacks like these at below.


Besides the grand prize – a football tour to Manchester Europe which worth RM15,000.


You can also win monthly prize – jerseys personally autographed by Michael Ballack, Cristiano Ronaldo, Fernando Torres, Nani and Cesc Fabregas.


So what are you waiting for? Get yourself some Mister Potato Chips now. And find out more information about the contest at Mister Potato website.

Wait… Wait…. Wait… Do you think that you can win? We have come out a plan to capture all of your seals and bags. He… He… He… :)

I will ‘take’ all the Mister Potato Football Contest mails from postman.

Sheng Li will take out everything…

Pik Yen will count every single seal and bag while eating Mister Potato Chips.

Michelle will write our details in and put everything back inside envelope.

Finally, Nick will post it then. But the entry is from us lo. :P

After seeing these… Be sure to ask your postman to watch out for us. Else do you think that you still can win the trip to Manchester Europe?

Project Trafford from Nuffnang

Yeah… I am one of the 40 bloggers who was selected to participate Nuffnang’s Project Trafford. There are 8 teams which consist 5 people in a team. The mission of Project Trafford is to promote Mister Potato’s Contest which enables the winners a free trip to Old Trafford, home of the Red Devils Manchester United.

Project Trafford from Nuffnang

So what are we going to do? We must be available and able to communicate actively via emails starting from the end of May 2008 till end of June 2008. And able to work together in team and respond promptly to our team leader. Finally, we will be paid/rewarded handsomely. YEAH!!!


Wow… My second Nuffnang cheque arrived. I got this cheque last week after requested cash out on 6 January. If not mistaken, Nuffnang will process the cheque at end of the month. Therefore, I do not cash out my third cheque right now. I am waiting for another 2 weeks so that I can cash out more money. I should be able to cash out RM100 this time. Wish that Nuffnang will give me more advertisement. :D

I want more money!!!

My second Nuffnang cheque

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