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Samsung Galaxy Note 5 is the latest flagship from Samsung. Yes, this is the phablet that most of users are waiting for. However, does Galaxy Note 5 really worth the price to get it? Personally, Galaxy Note 5 is almost like large version of Galaxy S6 with S Pen. The design and build quality is top notch. But that’s also bringing some negative points here. Okay, here are what holding me off from buying a Galaxy Note 5. If you can accept these weaknesses, Galaxy Note 5 is the one for you. Feel free to upgrade from Galaxy Note 3 or 4…


As expected, Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is getting some of the Galaxy S5 features. Yes, UK users are starting to get Galaxy S5 features like KNOX 2 and Download Booster in the latest firmware update. And the Kids Mode that I like to use. Can’t wait for Malaysia firmware OTA to come.

Download Booster


Got yourself a new Samsung Galaxy Note 3? Samsung Malaysia has more goodies for you then. Yes, you can get freebies and rewards from Samsung Galaxy Lifestyle application. Not sure these offers apply to other country or not because the application does not come pre-installed. No harm to try it if you are not from Malaysia. What are the promotions? Free music with Galaxy Music and 6 Korean dramas from Viki in Entertainment section. Free TM WiFi access for 90 days for Connectivity. Free 50GB Dropbox like other Galaxy Devices and Evernote Premium Services for 12 months at Productivity. 1 month free subscription from SPH Magazines and 20% off eBooks from MPH Online in Reading & learning. And 3 coming soon categories like Smart Living, Sports & Games and Shopping…

Samsung Galaxy Lifestyle


You can disable Samsung Galaxy Note 3 camera shutter sound by turn your phone into vibrate or silent mode. Yes, this method works again on Galaxy Note 3 Malaysia firmware unlike Galaxy Note 2 which requires root access method. However, it is not very user friendly to do so every time when you need to take photo. So Camera Mute application comes to rescue. Basically, it is a simple application to turn your phone into silent mode when stock camera is opened. And turn on sound back when stock camera is closed.

Camera Mute


Samsung Galaxy Note 3 has 32GB storage as the base model. There is 64GB model but still missing in action. 3GB of RAM too. Yes, the very first smartphone with such large memory. Furthermore, it has UHD 4K video recording and USB 3.0 support. Therefore, its storage performance should be good, right? Let’s find out…

Galaxy Note 3 storage performance on A1 SD Bench


Introduction Stuck with USB 2.0? No worry, get yourself a USB3.1 PCI-E Adapter like ORICO PA31-AC will do. Yes, it has 2 SuperSpeed+ USB 3.1...


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