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If you have Samsung Kies installed, whenever you plug in USB cable between Samsung Galaxy S II and PC, Samsung Galaxy S2 will be detected as GT-I9100 in Computer. And Samsung Kies will be loaded. You can disable Samsung Kies from loaded automatically by turn off Auto-run ~ Run Samsung Kies automatically when device is connected at Samsung Kies Tools – Preferences. You can read / write your Samsung Galaxy S2 files in this MTP Application mode. However, certain operation like unzip file to SGS2 directly is not possible in this mode.

USB mass storage


I used to keep my HTC HD2 in the leather pouch that bundled along. And planned to use pouch to keep my new SGS2 too. However, the genuine Samsung Galaxy S II Leather Pouch looks like a purse to me. I prefer the slide out pouch. Therefore, I bought a cheap one from eBay…


Samsung Galaxy S II is a very slim and light weight smartphone. Plastic is being used to reduce its weight. However, those parts are easily being scratched. Therefore, case is needed to reduce unwanted scratches especially back of the phone (camera and bottom). As the result, I bought Samsung Galaxy S2 Mesh Case from eBay. Based on the seller ~ miki4you, it is genuine Anycall case from Samsung Korea. The golden tag at behind is different with silver tag on official Samsung case that sold in UK. How does it perform? Let’s find out…


Browser is one of the most frequent used applications on my Samsung Galaxy S II. For those who want to use built in SGS2 browser, here are the must know tips and tricks for you.

Text Reflow
Samsung Galaxy S2 Browser does not enable text reflow by default. You need to enable it manually. To do so, go to Settings then enable ‘Auto-fit pages ~ Format Web pages to fit the screen’. However, this text reflow or the function of word wrapping text when zoom in only work when double tap.

Text reflow


Samsung Galaxy S II is one of the best Android phones in the market now. But where should you buy it in Malaysia? Samsung Galaxy S2 is selling at recommended retail price (RRP) ~ RM2099. Currently, Maxis is the only telco that offer Samsung Galaxy S2 at RM1199 on 24 months contract. Yes, SGS2 is not exclusive for Maxis like SGS1. So you can get it at any mobile phone shop in Malaysia. There are AP and original Samsung Malaysia Electronics (SME) supported Samsung Galaxy S II in the market. Of course AP set is cheaper like RM19xx but only supported by that particular mobile phone shop only (You can find some in Lowyat Forum). Or original set with higher price a bit at RM20xx. However, all of Samsung Galaxy S II that sold by them is having 12 months warranty only. Unless you bought it from SEP like I did…

24 months warranty