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Yeah… One of the Samsung Galaxy S4 XXUBMEA firmware features that everyone been waiting for – Move to SD card. It should be able to solve low internal disk storage issue that face by hardcore gamers out there. Yup, most of the interesting 3D games are more than 1 GB in size nowadays. They fill up Galaxy S4 small 8.8 GB internal storage easily. Does this Move to SD card feature able to help? Let’s find out…

Move to SD card


Do you know how fast Samsung Galaxy S4 internal NAND storage speed is? Well, it is almost 4 times faster than Galaxy S4 in term of reading speed. And twice for writing speed. Who care about this? For those wish to swap internal storage with external SD card or move games data to external SD card users. As usual, internal NAND storage is always faster than external SD card. But the question is how much…

Galaxy S4 storage performance with A1 SD Bench


Err… CyanogenMod ROM damaged my 64GB exFAT SanDisk microSDXC Card again when I tried it on Samsung Galaxy S3. CyanogenMod ROM like CM9 or CM10 does not support SD card in exFAT file format. It can’t detect SD card at all. And when you restore back to Samsung firmware, micro SD card will be prompted as “Damaged SD card ~ SD card is damaged. Try reformatting it.” No worry, there is an easy way to fix this issue and recover your SD card back with all files and data intact…

Damaged SD card


Google Nexus 7 does not have microSD card slot. Adding extra SD card to increase storage space is not an option. You will face low disk space issue sooner or later especially for those with 8GB storage model (like mine). My Amazon Kindle Fire serves me well even with 8GB storage only. However, situation is not the same with Nexus 7 because it supports lot of interesting Android games with NVIDIA Tegra 3 GPU. And most of these advanced 3D games require lot of disk space. Luckily, I manage to put most of my music, photo and video on external storage like USB flash drive. And connect it with USB OTG cable when needed. Of course, with the help of StickMount application too. Note – root access is required.

USB flash drive on Nexus 7


Help, I got ‘Couldn’t install on USB storage or SD card’ when trying to install applications or games in Google Play Store. Well, I got this issue after I root Android 4.0 ICS Samsung Galaxy S II with CF-Root. Seem like CF-Root Kernel has SD card mounting issue on Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich Samsung Galaxy S2. So how to fix Couldn’t install on USB storage or SD card issue?

Couldn’t install on USB storage or SD card




Introduction I have been using Transcend StoreJet 25S3 2.5" SSD/HDD Enclosure with Seagate 500GB 5400RPM HDD on Asus RT-AC68U for 2 years. Didn't care to...


Yeah... There is a new Android TV Box from Beelink. Unlike normal TV box, it can be used to record video through HDMI input...