Are you a seldom make call mobile phone user? You only make call once in a while. All you do is received call most of the time. And you need to reload your prepaid phone in order to keep it activate. If yes, here is a guide for you to save your money. By the way, this guide is only work on Hotlink plan. Although Celcom Xpax and DiGi Prepaid still work with it but it is not worth it.

There is a function in Hotlink plan called – Share-a-Top Up. You can share your credit among anyone in Hotlink plan. You can share RM5-9 for 3 days validity (active time) or RM10++ for 7 days validity. There are RM0.50 charges per transaction. Here are the guide for Hotlink, Celcom and DiGi.

Take me as example… I did not reload for quite a long time. If not mistaken I reload RM30 only half a year. My parents and I are not heavy user on mobile phone. We usually call using home telephone which the call rate is much cheaper than mobile phone rate. I use Skype to make IDD call anyway… Therefore, it waste my money to reload RM30 every month to keep it activate. The guide work like this… I share RM10 to my parent to keep their phone activate. They will share back RM10 to me on the 7th day (the last active day). Example, I share to them on Monday. They share back to me on Sunday. And this continue forever until we run out of credit to share. Then we have to reload it.

It cost me RM2 (4 x RM0.50 transaction fee) per month to keep my prepaid activate compare to RM30 using reload card. RM24 yearly only compare to RM260 yearly using reload card. This guide is definitely not for user who use more than RM50 per month. Get yourself a postpaid plan if you are heavy user. Of course I do need to pay on my home telephone bill but it is much cheaper then using mobile phone. Hope this guide can help you save some money. :)

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