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Have the latest Samsung Galaxy Note 3? Samsung Kies 2.x does not work for you then. Yup, you need to latest version of Kies 3.0 as well. Samsung Kies is available for both Windows PC and Mac OS. It is a useful tool to transfer music, contacts and photos. Make backup and restore of your important data and settings. Update to latest firmware and sync wirelessly from your Galaxy phone or tablet. Besides, it also provides USB driver to connect Galaxy Note 3 to PC too. One of the must installed software in my list.

Samsung Kies 3.0


Who want Google Nexus 4 USB driver for Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8 (32 bits and 64 bits)? Well, you can get it the long way from Android SDK Development Environment ~ Google USB Driver package. Or just download Nexus 4 USB driver only. It is all depend what you need to use it for. ADB (Android Debug Bridge) should be working between Nexus 4 and PC after installed.

LG Nexus 4 USB driver for Windows


Running Android applications and games on Windows 8 with mouse is no fun at all. However, latest Windows 8 tablet with touchscreen like Surface Pro is another story totally. And BlueStacks released updated version of BlueStacks App Player that optimized for Windows 8 tablet and notebook with touchscreen. Personally, I don’t have any Windows 8 tablet yet. So can’t test it myself but you might. Try it out and let me know the result.

Android apps & games on Windows 8


Install Nexus 4 ADB and Fastboot drivers on PC (Windows XP, Vista, 7 or 8) is so easy with the help of Google Nexus 4 ToolKit. With a few clicks here and there by following the on-screen instructions, Nexus 4 ADB and Fastboot drivers will be installed automatically after connect Nexus 4 to PC.


  • Google Nexus 4 ToolKit

Download Google Nexus 4 ToolKit and install it. Then you are ready to install Nexus 4 drivers.

Install Nexus 4 drivers on PC


How to install Google Nexus 7 adb & fastboot drivers on Windows XP / Vista / 7? It is very simple because there is Google Nexus 7 ToolKit to help. Just follow the on-screen instructions from Google Nexus 7 ToolKit to install adb & fastboot drivers on PC. It will help to install these drivers automatically.


  • Google Nexus 7 ToolKit

Do make sure that you have Google Nexus 7 ToolKit installed. Then you are ready to install Nexus 7 USB driver.

Install Nexus 7 adb & fastboot drivers on Windows XP / Vista / 7




Yes, you can enjoy lot of movies by buying or renting at Malaysia's Google Play Store from now on. After books, Google has expanded...