The best micro SD card for Samsung Galaxy Note 2

The best micro SD card for Samsung Galaxy Note 2


What is the best micro SD card for Samsung Galaxy Note II? Most of the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 out there is 16 GB version. 32 GB and 64 GB versions are not available for all regions yet. Therefore, you need a big size microSD card if want to store lot of games, songs, videos… Personally, I got myself a 64GB SanDisk Ultra microSDXC UHS-I Class 10 Card for Samsung Galaxy Note 2. Performance is good – able to get half of internal storage speed for both reading and writing…

The best micro SD card for Samsung Galaxy Note 2

Based on SD Card Tester benchmark, 64GB SanDisk Ultra microSDXC UHS-I Class 10 Card manages to get 19.84 MB/s sequential reading speed and 9.36 MB/s sequential write speed on Samsung Galaxy Note 2.

Interested? You can grab one here.

  • Afiq

    Hai jayce, can I know where u bought it in malaysia?

    • Jayce

      Lowyat Forum.

  • sandbox

    can email me the lowyat seller name?

    • Jayce


  • CrimsonMoon

    Hi Jayce, u mention earlier when u just bought the 64gb Sandisk card that the Galaxy S 3 doesn’t support UHS-I yet, but does the Galaxy Note 2 supports it ?

    • Jayce

      No since their hardware are basically the same.

  • Chris

    Do you know if apps can be installed onto the micro SD card with the Note 2? I know they cannot with the Galaxy S3… Thx

  • hanisroslan

    Hi, i am using 4gb micro sd card class 4 on my Glaxy Note 2. I have not rooted yet the phone and i obtained the result after testing using SD card tester apps: write (10.88MB/s) and read (26.22MB/s)

  • riswan hassan

    I bought Samsung galaxy note 2 with 16 gb memory. Could you please suggest what size memory sd card I can use? One of my known friend adviced 64 sd card reduces the performance of processor? Kindly

    • Jayce

      I am using 64GB SanDisk Ultra microSDXC UHS-I Class 10 Card. Performance as above.

  • haslinda

    may i know how much is the price for 32GB? tq

    • Jayce

      Hi haslinda, you can get the latest pricing at Amazon website.

  • James

    I have it too..
    Its writing speed is a little slugish for a class 10 card..
    But it’s fir enough due to its big capacity..
    Happy to have it since I am a memory eater.. :D
    Currently 50%+ memory used..

  • Serguei

    Hi Jayce,

    I have Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1. Will 64gb card work on it? Thanks

    • Jayce

      Yes Serguei.

  • Guru

    I am a absolute novice. I just got the Note II and am finding difficulty using the SD card. How do you root the device for the site you mentioned

  • Reyhan

    Hey Jayce, can you suggest best MicroSD for SGS2 :D

    • Jayce Ooi

      Any branded class 10 SD card should do just fine.

  • reyhan

    Can 64 gigabyte of memory read on SGS2 jayce ?

    • Jayce Ooi

      Yes, it can support 64GB SD card.

  • Deanoo

    Hai Jayce, your 64gb micro sd formatted using Fat32 or Exfat?

    • Jayce Ooi


  • Chuck Ryan

    Hi Jayce

    I’m using my 16GB FAT32 on my rooted Note2 formerly used in GalaxyS3.
    It’s readable with FileManager’s and some programs can load stored files.
    App2SD message: “The device does not have a real primary external storage, or the primary external storage is emulated”.
    Made a primary and secondary partition, no success.
    The Samsung salesman told me when I turned in my S3: “Your card will not work in the N2″.
    Partly he was right.

  • zul

    Hi Jayce, may I ask why exFat and not Fat32? Thx.

    • Jayce Ooi

      exFAT supports file size above 4GB. FAT32 can’t.

  • xnyash

    my 64gb sandisk card removed unexpectedly and duh now i cant format it ., by the way its not ultra as i was not aware earlier before inserting to use ultra especially , any chance to reformat it?

    • Jayce Ooi

      Try to use PC to format it.

      • xnyash

        nothing happends , says windows was to unable . ” even tried easues disk recovery and easeus disk partition , even tried command prompt no results

        • Jayce Ooi

          Send for warranty claim then.

  • xnyash

    Thanks for the tip I got the replacement but data lost :(
    Purchased new card ultra 64gb sandisk the one u recommend in blog. Due I need to format it using note2 or exfatgui for fat32 /ntfs?

    • Jayce Ooi

      Just format it with Galaxy Note 2 will do.

  • Lisa

    My galaxy note 2 has ruined two sd cards.First one was a 32 gb sandisk and the second one was a 16 gb pny. I just bought a transcend 32 gb micro sdhc uhs-I class 10 card but haven’t put it in yet. I’m wondering if this card will be ruined within a couple of months too. I know there is an issue with S3 and note 2 phones ruining sd cards. I just don’t know for sure if it’s the phones or the sd cards.

    • Jayce Ooi

      Weird… I don’t have SD card issue on Galaxy S3, Note 2 and S4. Samsung and SanDisk cards are working fine here.