The best micro SD card for Samsung Galaxy S4

What is the best micro SD card for Samsung Galaxy S4? My Galaxy S4 is a 16 GB model with 9 GB usable storage only. Definitely not enough for my MP3, music video, movie, TV series collections. So I am looking for the best in performance and value in price 64 GB microSD card. Kingston, Lexar, SanDisk, Samsung, Transcend and other brands out there. Which company 64 GB micro SD card provides the best performance on Galaxy S4 and yet value in price?

64GB SanDisk Ultra microSDXC UHS-I Class 10 Card

64GB SanDisk Ultra microSDXC UHS-I Class 10 Card was the card on my Galaxy S3. It performs well there. And performs about the same on Galaxy S4 too by getting 36.0 MB/s sequential reading speed and 11.4 MB/s sequential write speed.

64GB Samsung microSDXC Pro UHS-1 Card

64GB Samsung microSDXC Pro UHS-1 Card is my latest addition. It has higher specifications than SanDisk but higher in price too. Well, Samsung microSDXC Pro gets 36.6 MB/s sequential reading speed and 16.5 MB/s sequential write speed. About the same reading speed as SanDisk but 5 MB/s higher writing speed.

So which one is the best micro SD card for Samsung Galaxy S4? Personally, I choose Samsung over SanDisk even it is pricey a bit. Too bad that Galaxy S4 still does not support UHS-I standard. Else Samsung microSDXC Pro will get better reading and writing speed then.

Interested? You can grab SanDisk Ultra microSDXC here and Samsung microSDXC Pro here.

  • Joseph

    Jayce, thank you for another good article. Jacye, I think it would be awesome if you had Disqus commenting system. It would make a lot more people comment and keep things a more lively here. What do you think?

    • Hi Joseph, I wish to implement Disqus too. But it is not SEO friendly, so end up not using it.

      • Ronaldos12

        Hmm really? Well what are you using now?

  • fareez13

    hello jayce, great review..anyway i would like to know your it better if i buy 32gb or 16gb samsung s4 because i heard if i use 16 gb, only 9gb will be available to use for installing apps and cannot install apps using micro sd card?(is it enough to install apps games and etc)

    • Hi fareez13, it is depend on your usage. Do you install more than 9 GB of games? If yes, then you need to get 32 GB model. Else root 16 GB model and move those data to external SD card.

      • fareez13

        so if i root 16gb model, i can install apps on the micro sd card?tq

        • Joseph

          yes, you can install 64 gigabytes of games on your android if you want lol, use a simple program like Directory Bind

  • Nazri

    Hi Jayce..

    What is your advice to Note 2 users? Stay or change to S4?.


    • Hi Nazri, do you need bigger screen and S Pen? If yes, stay with Galaxy Note 2.

      • GeekGirl

        I would look in to the Note 3 lol or a Tab .. I love my galaxy s4 But Im thinking of upgrading. Not sure if I want one much bigger, but the LG GFlex looks nice and Also the Galaxy S5 is coming soon!

  • Sagi

    What do you think is better:
    SanDisk Memory Card Mobile Ultra 32GB Class 10
    Samsung Micro SD 32GB Class 10 Plus UHS-I SDHC

    I’m not sure what should I take… thanks!!

    • I did not try both of these 32GB cards. For 64GB, I prefer Samsung.

      • GeekGirl

        I have Bought 2 DIFFERENT Sd cards off eBay, Not anything I thought was too good to be true but a Very nice price. One was a Samsung and I can’t remember exactly what the other was. My kids dad said I was probably ripped on Fraudulent ones and not sure what to do. He said they may have been Force Formatted to be 64 But I get 8-10 gigs on them and now they don’t read properly. Is it possible or could it be my phone? Is there something special you have to do to use one this big on the galaxy s4? If someone could maybe email me and let me know?! Im TIRED of buying crap when I could have just spent the $60 I was trying to avoid… Not sure what to do since my apps update and disappear and Lost several pictures recently! Thank You!!

        • You should get around 60GB usable storage on 64GB card. No special format method is needed. Safer to get it from Amazon.

  • Ronny

    I think GT-I9500 supports UHS-1 but for some reason doesn’t reach the speed. Samsung’s micro sdhc plus version performs better than the Samsung microsdxc pro. Unfortunately you don’t get 64gb on microsdhc. The latest Sandisk extreme pro performs much better than Samsung’s cards but very pricey. Adata microsdhc premier uhs-1 is a great performer with reasonable price. Adata has much better read/writing speed than Samsung’s microsdxc pro and I think also cheaper.

  • Jhaybee

    Hi Jayce,
    I have my S4 GT-I9500 with Transcend micro SD HC card class 4, suddenly the device unable to read the SD card & it says “no sd card mounted”. Are you able to help what to do to recover my files & how to fix this? I tried using other sd cards & it works.

    • Hi Jhaybee, try to use card reader at PC to read it.

      • Jhaybee

        It’s not readable too even i put it in card adapter and card reader. Any OS version not working, is this related to an applications I installed?

        • It might be faulty then. Send back for warranty claim.

  • sebke CCU

    Has this all been retested with the new lollipop updates?

    Do we have better drivers now?

    • Nope. Still don’t have chance to try out Lollipop yet.