Top reasons to root Samsung Galaxy S3

Why you should root Samsung Galaxy S III? Application, data & system settings backup and remove advertisement are the 2 top reasons that you should root Samsung Galaxy S3. Besides, you can further improve Samsung Galaxy S3 performance and enhance user experience with root access. Lot of nice applications and modifications require root access to work. Therefore, root Samsung Galaxy S3 is a must for me. And maybe you too…

Root Samsung Galaxy S3
Root Samsung Galaxy S3

Backup & restore application, data and system settings
Titanium Backup is the must installed Android application for all rooted Android devices. It helps to backup your Android applications and data. Restore them when needed. You can even schedule the backup. You don’t want to lose any important data, right?

No more advertisements
There are lot of ad-supported free Android games like Angry Birds at Google Play Store. You can turn them into a full version game without advertisement with AdFree Android. AdFree removes almost all ads in the browser and other applications by nullifying requests to known host names in the system hosts file. Say no to advertisements.

Improve user experience with custom modification
Most of the custom modifications require root access. For example, a mod Samsung Galaxy S3 camera that enable feature like video quality up to 30 Mbit and 192 kbit @ 48khz audio on 1080p video recording. You need root access to replace the existing camera application.

Better and faster custom ROM
Well, you won’t get it by rooting with CF-Root. But CF-Root installs ClockworkMod recovery (CWM) for you. CWM allows you to install better and faster custom ROM as most of them are well tweaked. No need to wait for official firmware release and try out the latest and greatest custom ROM out there.

Speed up CPU and improve battery life
SetCPU for Root Users is a tool for changing the CPU settings. You can use it to improve performance and save battery life. Overclock Samsung Galaxy S3 from 1.4 GHz to 1.7 GHz to improve overall performance. And undervolt Samsung Galaxy S3 to save even more battery.

Faster GPS signal lock
FasterFix speed up GPS lock by using a more accurate time estimation from a NTP server near you. Personally, I select Malaysia NTP server as default because that where I live. Select your region to speed up GPS signal lock locally. And other region when you travel to other country.

Play Tegra, Snapdragon & PowerVR Games
Enjoy Tegra 2 (some Tegra 3), Snapdragon & PowerVR games with help from Chainfire3D plugins. A nice to have application for Samsung Galaxy S3 gamers.

Block Internet access with firewall
Want to restrict certain Android application from accessing Internet? Want to improve battery life too with lesser Android application accessing data connection? DroidWall is the Android firewall application that you need.

Unlock Samsung Galaxy S3
How to unlock Samsung Galaxy S3? Is that your question in mind? Don’t bond yourself with only 1 carrier SIM card. Use Voodoo Galaxy S III SIM Unlock application to unlock Samsung Galaxy S3 now.

Access to other region Google Play Store
Not all Android applications and games are available for all regions. Some are limited to certain country like United States only. So Market Enabler is here to help you by faking your current region as other region.

Enable DualShock 3 Wireless Controller
Yes, you can use your existing PS3 DualShock 3 Wireless Controller on Samsung Galaxy S3 with the help of Sixaxis Controller application. Playing games on Samsung Galaxy S3 will not be the same again with PS3 game controller…

Screen standby on MHL / HDMI mirroring
Screen Standby switches off the screen temporarily without actually putting the phone into sleep mode. Great for saving your battery and avoids heating to prolong battery life while enjoy games and movie though MHL / HDMI mirroring on TV.

Interested? Follow this guide to root Galaxy S3 ~ How to root Samsung Galaxy S3 with CF-Root? (Video)

  • Damien

    Jayce man,

    I love your website bro! I would like to see more updates about the one x though, my sister just got an s3 and thus this all is useful but I own a one x so please? πŸ™‚ Thank you bro! Keep up the good work!

    -Damien Hawks

    • Hi Damien, will post more topics about HTC One X after unlock its bootloader. πŸ˜‰

      • Damien

        Sure thats a relief! I can’t wait to unlock it but worried about my warranty, is s-off gonna be available anytime soon? πŸ™‚

        • I don’t think so. I had been following the S-OFF discussion at XDA forum for 2 months. And still nothing from them. πŸ™

          • Damien

            Would you recommend exchanging my htc one x for a s3?

            • Since you have access to both, you should know which one you prefer more. Personally, I prefer SGS3 in overall operations. But prefer HTC One X display.

    • Tay

      Hi Damien,

      I need some advise regarding unlocked Samsung sets, i am just wondering whether if i buy an export samsung phone and use it in Singapore, do i need to root it before using?

  • S3Rush

    I’m a newbie at android phones, so I’m asking a very noobie question. After rooting S3 with your guide, will the S3 phone loose their original stock features?
    E.g: those NFC, SBeam & Motion sensing features?

    • No, it just grant root access.

  • Haja

    hi Jayce,

    Its really wonderful to see your work. these are very useful stuffs. but i’m very much a new user of samsung. i just bought a s3, can u tell me how to do the rooting and will there be any error of system problems if its rooting is done.


    • Hi Haja, take your time to study my SGS3 guides here. You will get your answers. πŸ˜‰

  • Damien

    Jay I exchanged my one x for an s3 so im all set to use your guides. I had a question, rooting doesnt mean i can install full versions of games to my phone? I thought it was similar to jailbreaking as in ios devices. Are they two different things?

  • jon

    hi jayce
    thanks for your tips
    just one question though, once the device is rooted, how do we download apps from google play or any other site for free?
    is there any special program or settings required, if so are you able to shed some light on this topic as i bet alot of ppl are curios to know.
    look forward

    • Rooted or not. Download free apps and games from Google Play is the same.

  • lims

    Hi Jayce,

    Just want to ask, if incase I already rooted my S3, can I still update my firmware?
    Let say ICS to JellyBean ( if out already).

  • Erik

    are these instructions on rooting good for the Verizon version of the GS3?

  • KH

    Hello Jaycee,

    Your web rocks and been a great help to me. I have a question, i have a rooted my S3 (thanks to your guide), however i am still not able to download free apps due to country restriction. Can you help me out? Many thanks

    • Hi KH, you can try Market Enabler. But not sure it is working on latest Google Play Store or not.

      • KH

        Hey Jaycee,

        i actually did and it still identified maxis samsung and says that there is a country restriction. Should i change to a singapore sim temp or should i open new play google account?

        • You can try but I have no idea they will work or not…

          • KH

            for info i have used a singapore sim card and it worked.

  • auyong

    can i know after i root samsung galaxy s3, i can download all app at,com for free?

    • No, only free apps.

      • auyong


  • neeraj

    Do I loose warranty of my phone if I root it ?????

  • marcue

    I recently replaced my Samsung Mes w/ a GS 3 and went from 3G to 4G, both through USCC. Since then, my data connection is horrible 50% of the time, and what is even worse is that my phone connection went from great to terrible with choppy calls that are constantly dropping out on me. I find myself missing my Mes if you can believe that. I am in a service area that is supposed to be good to excellent. At first, they thought it was the phone. They replaced the 16gb with a 32gb, because they had no more of the 16gb’s in stock, but it made no difference. Is there hope for me in this 4g world or am I going to have to switch back? Would rooting my phone offer any solutions to my reception problems? I think that the antenna is dumbed down on the sg3 compared to the Mes, but I am not certain.

    • marcue

      PS: The tech told me that he has personally DOA’d 8 of these phones to date for similar problems. So far, I am NOT impressed…

      • Sorry marcue, I have no idea because my SGS3 is a 3G model. No 4G.

        • marcue

          Can rooting a phone be used to play with antenna strength? Tweek it up a tad so to speak? I really hate to give up on this phone.

          • Antenna strength is depend on radio baseband. Rooting does not help much.

  • jhayar

    can you topic the usb capavility of sgs3…thank you.

  • marcue

    Jayce… my s3 knows that tethering is not on my account. How do I bypass that once rooted?

    • Huh? What do you mean?

      • Minh

        Run titatium backup and find a process called Tetheringmanager(“YourNetworkProvidersName”) and freeze it. Should work after.

  • marcue


    I had free tethering due to someone’s error at my carrier. When I got my gs3, this stopped. I was told by a tech that it is because the phone knows to check and verify that I have this feature on my account each tIme I tether. Once rooted, I wanted to know if I can dIsable this safeguard so that I can get free tethering again?

    • Hmm… Not sure about that. My SGS3 is factory unlocked version. I can enable tethering and portable hotspot as long as it have 3G data connection.

  • marcue

    So would I be better off to go buy one of those? I have another week to return this one. What are the advantages to buying an unlocked one?

    • I did not use SIM locked phone before. No idea. But you can try to unlock it with Voodoo Galaxy S III SIM Unlock application now.

  • shaoib

    ive bought a new s3 it does not have a google play app, where can i get it from, i bought my s3 from china it has a chinese app anzhi but no google play..

    • manu

      Same problem here, bought SSGS3 in China, no Google play store, rooted my phone, installed Google store apk and it shuts down straight away.. i don’t care so much for the warranty as i really wish my phone to be able to connect it to the store.. when i have my phone synced USB-PC Google play also does not recognize the phone to be connected, so i’m following other links where I’ve already got (but not installed yet) ‘busy box’ and ‘ROM manager’ and still trying to get ‘titanium backup’ but most links take me to….. Google play store! I would really like to have my phone unlocked from all these restrictions. Appreciate all the help!

  • 私はかわいいです

    just a question is there a app to install like on jailbrake the app installouls for the s3 to be able to download cracked apps ?

    • Sorry, no warez discussion here.

  • Hemed

    Hey, i got a noob question πŸ™‚

    How do i know if my phone is rooted or not? I got it as a present and i don’t know where it was bought to ask.

  • RAW

    I wonder how big chance is it for the phone to be unlocked from it’s operator to be able to run other operators? I Am using Swedish operators if it makes any different…

  • cy

    Hi Jayce,

    I need to recover my photos accidentally deleted in the internal storage. But i need to install UMS apk, whereby root permission is needed, in order to enable the USB storage on my S3. Then i can only use Recovery software to recover the photos.

    Will root erase/format the phone’s content? If yes, the photos cannot be recovered, right?

    Any advice will be appreciated.


    • Hi cy, UMS does not work on internal storage (as far as I know).

      Rooting does take some little internal disk space. So it might delete some of the files.

      • cy

        Thanks Jayce.

        I came across this :

        Do you think is it worth to try this method to recover? This software seems to be able to access to internal storage after enable UMS.

        But rooting is required. so chances are i might lose some of the photos after rooting?


        • SGS3 Easy UMS shows internal storage as drive in PC. But you can’t access it.

      • cy

        Hi Jayce,

        Do you have any other ideas to recover photos from internal storage?


          • cy

            Thanks Jayce.

            Can i reconfirm that, rooting does not totally wipe off /format the phone, right?

            • Yes, it should not.

              • cy


                • Ric

                  Attention cy; did it work?? did you recover your photos??

                  • cy

                    Nope, Ric… not at all…

                    • Mike

                      Attention cy: it has been over a month since the last comment. Have you recovered the photos? I have been spending the past week trying to recover internal photos deleted on my Galaxy s3… I installed Hexamob which saw the files, but could not recover them for some strange reason… any luck? Any help would be appreciated! πŸ™‚

  • Laurie

    Jayce will rooting my S3 speed up my tethering speeds?

    • Hi Laurie, rooting itself won’t help that. You need to find mod to do so.

      • Laurie

        Alright, do you have knowledge of such a mod? At this point, the only reason I would root my Galaxy S3 was if a mod existed to speed up the internet connection from tethering.

        • Sorry Laurie, no.

          • Laurie

            Do you know if overclocking the cpu would do anything to increase the tethering speeds?

            • I don’t think so.

              • Laurie

                Alright, Thanks for your time

  • when i go to google play download some game like realfootball 2012 or asphalt 7 it tell me This app is incompatible with your Mobinil Samsung GT-I9300.?? i have samsung galaxy s3? Mobinil is my mobile career here in egypt and alot of games gave me the same thing This app is incompatible why? and when i download throw game hub it download something small like 2 mb and when it launch it tell me the game requires download 1024 mb??? why? plz help me

    • Some apps are avaialbe for certain region like US only. This is normal.
      Most games need addition data after downloaded the application (2MB). Normal too.

  • Myk

    Hey Jayce,

    I’m new to rooting so this is a pretty basic question but….will rooting my s3 void the warranty and is it safe?

  • Andreas

    Im thinking about rooting my phone but i heard that it can brick. What is that?

    • Ask the person that tell you it can brick…

  • AK

    I have the un-rooted Galaxy s3 international version and am thinking of rooting and installing ROM on it. Is there a jelly-bean based ROM out there which can retain the stock Motion Control features like smart alert, direct call etc ?

  • Tay

    Hi Jayce,

    I hope you can advise me on the possible implication of buying an export samsung S3 set. I plan to use it in Singapore so beside the usage network, is there anything else i should take note of?

    I am worried that since the handset will come from overseas and it could possibly be tied up by certain firmwares with the allocated telco in that country. Will rooting solve this issue?

    Your support will be very much appreciated.
    Thank you.

    • As long as it is unlocked version of I9300, you can install any region firmware. Eg, you can install Singapore firmware on Europe SGS3.

  • Naveen

    Hello Jayce,

    If i root my S3, I belive its possible to connect to ad-hoc wi-fi connection (eg: created using laptop running on XP). My question is , Is this done already and if yes how to do it ?


    • Sorry Naveen, I have no idea about this ad-hoc Wi-Fi connection.

  • Man

    How to root Samsung Galaxy S3?

    • Hey Man, please read the article properly…

  • Andreas

    BWT is it illegal?

    • What is illegal?

      • Andreas

        To root

  • Joshua

    Hey Jayce, thanks for all the S3 info. I’d like to root my current phone to back up all data to my SD, then transfer all of this to a new phone that At&t sent me as my current phone has several internal gllitches. So in order to transfer all backup data to the new phone, will I need to root the new phone before installing Titanium Backup so it will upload all backup data to the? Then, also, I’m assuming I’d just unroot the phone that I’m sending back…

  • Taoufik

    Hi Jayce ,
    I do really like your website , im an android newbie , i want to ask you if i root my SG3 , will it be able to be updated ?
    Thank you

    • Yes Taoufik, using Samsung Kies.

  • Rich

    Hi there Jayce! I recently rooted my SGS3 because I wanted to transfer some apps from my phone memory to my SD card. But I am still unsuccessful. It doesn’t have the “Move to SD Card” function unlike Samsung Wonder GT8150. Is there really an app out there that can do it for rooted SGS3? Regards! =)

  • than

    Hi jayce, will rooting my s3 helps in increasing its battery life better than this non rooted one???
    One more thing is that now im using android version 4.1.1. It is possible to update to version 4.1.2 jb after roooting my s3??

    • No, rooting does not help. But modification that requires root access will help that.
      Yes. You can install other version of firmware with Odin with or without root access.

  • Asif

    will it allow me to change network mode into 3G?
    i have SGS3 I9300 international unlocked version.
    my phone is only showing 3 option GSM/WCDMA/ GSM/WCDMA AUTO.
    I can’t able to change my network to 3G…will it works after i rooted my mobile?

    • Hi Asif, you don’t need root access to set network as 3G. Just select WCDMA only will do.

  • Asif Khan

    WCDMA is automatic 3G/ will select the 4g when I m in 4G network coverage.
    But I dont want to use 4G network bcoz it sucks my battery.
    Is there any option available for select 3G & 4G network seprately???
    So I will use 3G network…3G is enough for me πŸ™‚

    • Dial *#*#4636#*#*. Then in Device information. Set to CDMA auto (PRL).

  • Asif Khan

    Yeah I have already tried this method before but my mobile still showing the H+ network symbol…n about my information H+ symbol is 4G symbol πŸ˜‰

    • Are you sure H+ == 4G? Mine is showing H+ too on 3G network (no 4G in Malaysia yet).

  • Asif Khan

    Yes…before I m used gakaxy mini, it have 3G network…n its showing the 3G symbol & H only.
    N now in galaxy S3 it is showing H+ symbol only all the time. I m in saudia n here all network already lounge 4G network some months before πŸ™‚

    • Galaxy Mini supports HSDPA 7.2Mbps 900/2100 only while Galaxy S3 supports up to HSPAοΌ‹ 21Mbps.

      By the way, what is your Galaxy S3 model? I9300 or I9305?

  • Asif Khan

    I9300 (Vietnam made)

    • Dear, this model does not have 4G LTE…

  • Asif Khan

    Really??? I cant belive it…when I download anything 7mb file Is completed less than a sec.
    Before in my mini it takes few minutes to complete.

    • Yes dear. Enjoy it…

  • Asif Khan

    Yeah you are right…it is H+=HSPA+.
    Thankyew for reply me πŸ™‚
    I use my mobile only for chating n facebook so I shouldnt root my mobile.
    Here in saudia arabia internet is vere expensive…here also data sim card available for usb but we mostly use data sim on mobile phones.
    So we can not make n recive calls on mobile πŸ™‚
    Only we can use internet n internet stuff only.
    If we purchased the the no sim n subcribe the data pakage then its about 350riyals cost of only internet.

  • Rich

    My s3 in summer becomes a dog due to heat. With rooting will I be able to change some parameters to stop large battery usage that may be creating the heat. I know I’m grasping at straws here but it’s a major problem for me working outside etc. I’m suspecting its the screen power usage but not sure . Thanks

  • mikey

    Dont know if im allowed to post this so if not just take it down. I wanted to help with a question that a lot of people had about free apps. Rooting your phone will also give you access to install 3rd party apps from an apk file if your carrier has it blocked. After this just use google to search for xxx. Its an app that allows you to download the apk files for full version games.

  • Rania Elforgani

    HiDear all im rania and I have a problem with my galaxy SIII
    After the last updated to the phone I noticed that my device start to closing to the home screen automatically without my permission and sometimes its shut down and restart with itself
    I tried to scan it searching for malworms or trethds or viruses but nothing I tried to delete some apps and nothing happened I downloaded multi kind s of anti virus but I uninstall it all right now and I kept just NQ mobaile security and dr anti treths
    So help me please

    • Hi Rania, try factory reset to have a clean start.

      • Rania Elforgani

        I tried that and still the same even I transfered all the media (pic. Video. Music ) on a external memory card but nothing
        B.S thank you for your fast react thats mean you’re really a kind person how caress to others problems not like other pluger

        • If still have issue after factory reset, it might be hardware issue. Try to consult Samsung Support to confirm.

  • Manjynah

    I was going through your interwebz and came across this stream after CF’d (cluster f@#$ ed) my S3. Someone told me to download Kies so I could get the proper usb drivers and that was a terrible idea considering Kies installed the drivers wrong to begin with. So after taking about an hour to reverse the soft brick, some how not losing any data, I came across this portion most guides don’t tell you about called the flash counter. It records the amount of times it had been flashed and even if I restore factory settings if I don’t reset the counter it is still voids the warrenty. So please triangle your s3 when done rooting!Β§

  • Shawn

    Hi jayce, a really big noob question here. Do i have to enable usb debugging for a normal root with a stock rom with root injected?

    • Hi Shawn, no question is noob. We ask to learn. No ask == no learn.
      As for the answer, no need if follow my rooting guide here.

  • Jerrid

    I am completely new to the rooting of a phone. I was wondering about the dos and don’ts of it all. A link to any kind of helpful website would be a huge help. Thank you .