USB OTG Cable ~ A must have accessory for Android devices

Still don’t have USB OTG cable? Then you are not getting all the features out of your Android devices. Of course, your Android devices need to support USB host function in order for you to use USB On-The-Go. It enables USB flash drive, mouse, keyboard, joypad or any USB peripherals that support USB OTG on your Android devices. My Samsung Galaxy S II, Amazon Kindle Fire (using custom ROM), Samsung Galaxy S III and Google Nexus 7 support USB OTG. It is ashamed that HTC One X does not support USB OTG natively. Not going to install custom ROM (which supports USB OTG) until S-OFF for HTC One X is available…


Check out below video for the use of USB OTG ~ Logitech Wireless Gamepad F710, USB flash drive, mouse and keyboard demo.

Interested? Get your micro USB OTG cable here.

  • Chakri

    the mouse can play with dead trigger ?

    • Mouse is enabled in the game but you can’t use it to control / shoot.

  • mnaik

    Hello Jayce,

    Can this USB OTG Cable take USB 3G data card?

    • No sure about this, mnaik.

  • pipin

    Yo jayce … will a generic one do ?… original samsungs ones cost more than rm100
    Do official ones have added funtionality?

    • Generic one will do. They are the same. Except the price. 😉

      • ligu

        I got my generic one with RM19. Also tested a few others. No issue.

  • Amaan

    HTC HD2 does not support this?

    • ligu

      looks like it does not have OTG support.

  • ligu

    I bought it the next day after I got my S3. Test with working with keyboard, mouse and card readers. A must have!!!

    One issue with keyboard though. Looks like it can only enter roman letters (a-z). I was hoping can use it to enter chinese text. Any clue?

    • No issue to type Chinese character with Google Pinyin IME here. Use ‘space bar’ to insert. 😉

      • ligu

        Thanks for the tip. I tried with Google pinyin, and it WORKS!

        Wonder how to get it to work with stock keyboard.

  • Amaan
  • prashant

    hey… i want to know if my galaxy s3 will support usb otg after i root it…. it is supported natively but… i want to root it…!

    so once i install canyogenmod wil.. it still support usb-otg as it does now!? thanks in advance

    • Yes, SGS3 still support USB OTG after rooted. But not sure about CM ROM. It should support it as well.

  • Joshy

    Hey all,
    Which custom Kinds fire ROM has OTG feature built in. Tried a couple. Did not work. Or is there an add on. Thanks.

  • naharuto

    hi jayce i am really new in this android world thing.i wanna ask.what is the difference between this OTG cable and USB cable that we use for charging and plug into computer?

    • Can’t you see the different physically?

  • drake86

    Hi Jaycee,

    Do you know a place where I can get this is SG? Thanks!

    • Sorry drake86, no idea.

  • Victor

    I have my Kindle Fire with Android 4.1 Jelly Bean CM10 ROM and i have gotten a USB OTG Cable. What else do i need to do to use the usb host function?

    • No need to do anything if the kernel supports it already.

  • Robbie

    I’m trying to use my USB host port to connect to my Canon 550d to use the DSLR Controller app, but my tablet is missing S3C USB Host Driver, any ideas?

    • No idea, Robbie. Please consult DSLR Controller developer.

  • debbie

    I’m trying to find a keyboard case to work with the kindle fire (not HD) i got for Christmas but everything I read is very confusing as to how to make it work. Is there and easy way and is there a keyboard u can recommend?? thanks

  • I do not want to root my Nexus 7. Is there any way to use 3G modem?

    • I don’t think so. You can get a 3G version of Nexus 7.

  • Graham

    HTC ONE X now supports usb otg since JB update 🙂

  • jaswinder

    I have pc generic joystick when in connect this its showing usb connected and when I tap the the button its working on phone menu and not working on game so,how can I use generic joustick for games like asphalt 6, 7 or other big games………….

    • Hi jaswinder, the games themselves need to support joypad natively. Else you can’t use it.

  • jaswinder

    which controller will work?

  • jaswinder

    okay thanks bro but i have a question controller will work in all games(any games)

  • minuscule

    If I root my kindle fire hd and then install ICS with the kernel
    that has UBS otg hosting capability will ANY driver within ICS be able
    to communicate via the USB otg port?

    • Sorry minuscule, I have no idea on Kindle Fire HD.

      • miniscule

        I will pick one up next weekend and give it a try.
        The debare I am having with myself is one slip and the adapter port can break.
        The price is the other issue considering there are more powerful netbooks now…
        If I do it, it will be for my love of open-source goodness…

  • bj

    i have logitech f710 wireless controller. i tried to connect it on my Note 2 and Galaxy Mega using usb otg sg-007 but couldnt。 pls help..

    • Sorry, I have no idea on your OTG model. Try to consult your seller.