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Zhouzhuang was the only place that I visited during my Suzhou business trip. Zhouzhuang is also known as Venice of the East. It is a popular tourist destination. You can see a lot of people around you until you cannot take a good photo shot. :P It is located 30 km southeast from Suzhou. It took us around one and a half hour to reach Zhouzhuang from our hotel at Suzhou. By the way, the admission fee is 100 CNY.

Zhouzhuang – Venice of the East

Zhouzhuang is not so big. But you will need to take some time if walk and look around slowly. Get a tour guide to explain all the ways for you. Don’t be like us, wondering around by ourselves like crazy… :P Anyway, getting around Zhouzhuang without tour guide gives you freedom to do anything you like. However, you do not get most of the information of that place.

Map of Zhouzhuang

China has much type of people. You can see some poor guys around while a very rich one walking by passes you.

Cute little girl…

Taking break after work :)

Zhouzhuang has a lot of old buildings. It is an old town but well developed nowadays. You can take a lot of photo when you enter Zhouzhuang. Some of them are really nice if no people blocking your view. :P

Zhouzhuang outside view

Okay… Let’s start our journey to Zhouzhuang. I did not know what Zhouzhuang is before I visited it. I did not put a lot of expectations on it. However, I am glad that I visited Zhouzhuang in the end…

Let’s go!!!

Zhouzhuang’s entrance

Continued on Zhouzhuang – your shopping paradise?

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