8GB PenDrive SDHC Class 4 Card Review

Writing speed is very important on SD card as you don’t want your SLR camera to miss any shot. 8GB PenDrive SDHC Class 4 Card is another SD card bundled from my Panasonic HDC-SD700 HD Camcorder. PenDrive is a Malaysia brand. Let’s see how a local company product performs.

8GB PenDrive Class 4 SDHC Card

The SDHC benchmark was carried out with the help of CrystalDiskMark. 8GB PenDrive SDHC Class 4 Card is able to read at 17 MB/s and write at 10 MB/s sequentially. Well done, PenDrive. You make us proud as a Malaysian.


  1. Hi Jayce, Panasonic used to bundle their digital camera/camcorders with their own SD cards. Now they give out PenDrive SD cards instead. Do you happen to have an 8GB Panasonic SDHC Class 4 Card? If you do could you please compare it against the one from PenDrive? Thanks.

  2. Hi guys,

    I have a 4GB Panasonic SDHC Silver & Blue series.

    For the Silver, Panasonic SDHC tops sequential write at minimum 11~12MB/s; while the Blue writes at roughly around 6~7MB/s.

    Silver max read at 19~20MB/s, which I suspect is due to the USB interface. I’ve gotten similar result with Sandisk Ultra II, meaning they both perform very similarly.

    My Sandisk Extreme III also max read at 19~20MB/s, further confirming the USB bottleneck. But sequential write for the Extreme III is consistently above 18MB/s, hence the premium position it sells.

    Depending on how much Pendrive SDHC Class 4 sells, I’d say it’s a close but good effort by Pendrive. But Panasonic’s own Silver & Sandisk Ultra still holds the upper hand with consistent fast read & write.


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