8GB Transcend SDHC Class 4 Card Review

I had 2 SDHC cards bundled when bought Panasonic HDC-SD700 HD Camcorder. Both of them are 8GB Class 4 SDHC cards. I was thinking… Can they able to perform well on that camcorder with at least 4 MB/s writing speed. Let’s find out. Here is 8GB Transcend SDHC Card Review.

8GB Transcend SDHC Card

The SDHC benchmark was carried out with the help of CrystalDiskMark. 8GB Transcend SDHC Card is able to read at 15 MB/s and write at 5.6 MB/s sequentially. It fulfills the requirement of Class 4 SHDC speed class rating ~ at least 4 MB/s writing speed. Yup, I don’t see any video frame skip when using 8GB Transcend SDHC Card on Panasonic HDC-SD700 HD Camcorder which record 1920 x 1080 / 50p @ 28 Mbit/s (which requires at least 3.5 MB/s writing speed).


  1. Hi Jayce… is the packing of this card still present?

    I’m very impressed by the 4KB write speed which is overwhelming as compared to most SDHC cards in the market, so that I just bought one (with V1.4 at the lower right corner on the back). Although the sequential write speed of my card can reach 11-12MB/s, the 4K write speed is only on par with other SDHC cards, at about 0.05MB/s.

    As I can also see alother version (V1.3) on auction sites, I really wish to know whether the one you have bought is V1.3 (or other versions), so that I can try to find one for myself. Thank in advance for your help. Cheers~


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