Alcatroz X-Craft Pro Quantum Z7000 Review

Meets Alcatroz X-Craft Pro Quantum Z7000 – another X-Craft Pro series budget gaming mouse from Alcatroz. It is also a lightweight mouse with 5 programmable keys and 5 memory modes. Have same features like 7 colours with pulsating effects, support up to 4800 CPI and has macro function built-in. Let’s check it out in detailed…

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  • Alcatroz for this Alcatroz X-Craft Pro Quantum Z7000 and X-Craft Pro Trek 1000 Gaming Mouse

Package Content & Design
You can find Alcatroz X-Craft Pro Quantum Z7000 and X-Craft Pro limited edition gaming mousepad in the package. No CD driver as usual. No worry, just download it from Alcatroz Website will do. It’s Internet world now after all.

X-Craft Pro Quantum Z7000 shares lot of similarity with Trek 1000. Build quality is decent for a lightweight mouse too. However, it is loaded with rubberized finishing on top cover only unlike Trek 1000 with sides and buttons as well. Quantum Z7000 is slightly longer by the way. There are LED lights all over the mouse that look great in low light environment. 3 glide pads at the bottom. Finally, the cable is braided with anti-interference magnet ring while USB plug is gold plated too. As usual, do check out all the photos for details.

X-Craft Pro series use the same software driver. So X-Craft Pro Quantum Z7000 support plug and play as expected. All 5 buttons can be configured to multimedia functions and Windows shortcuts that suit you. 5 profiles – cfg 1 to 3, media and game and 6 sets of DPI from 200 to 4800 DPI for you to select.

As usual, macro manager is there for you to setup marco keys. Mouse pointer precision and wheel speed can be set there too. However, it is facing the same fate that you can’t set LED colour that based on DPI setting. Just cycling all 7 colours by default.

Performance Result
As expected, X-Craft Pro series use same optical sensor too. Therefore, decent performance is what you get. Yes, it works on slightly shinny and reflective ones no doubt. Optical sensor location is slightly off center but does not effect at all here. Buttons are responsive and feedback is decent. Thumb buttons can be accessed easily and they have super light clicking feel this time. Finally for scroll wheel, it is tight and accurate for gaming. Still okay to scroll fast for web browsing here.


  • Decent optical performance
  • Good ergonomic for comfortable grip
  • Adjustable CPI values
  • Customizable keys
  • Nice gaming mousepad included
  • Stylish design


  • LED lighting is for show off only
  • Single DPI button

Enjoy fast and precise optical performance from Alcatroz X-Craft Pro Quantum Z7000 budget gaming mouse. Suitable for both gaming and daily use. In addition, it comes with free gaming mousepad too. Sound great? Get yours at Shopee now.