All Lava Walls at Clash of Clans Town Hall 9

Wow… I stopped playing Clash of Clans actively (or should be stated as CRAZILY) for 5 months. Yes, I just login CoC to correct gold, elixir and dark elixir from collectors. Thanks for Supercell’s wall update, I managed to upgrade all walls to level 10 lava at Town Hall 9 with both gold and elixir. Else it will take longer time by using gold only. It took me months (more than half year if not mistaken) to complete it. Level 11 electric walls will be even longer. Do we really need to upgrade to lava walls at TH9? Yes, that is a good question. A big yes from me. If you are a serious player, you should do so before upgrade to TH10. Why? It will be harder to raid gold and elixir then. Furthermore, people usually skip your base when they see those lava walls…

All lava walls at Town Hall 9
All lava walls at Town Hall 9

This is my latest CoC TH9 Anti-Hog Unlurable CC War Base Layout. Everything is upgraded to max level except both king and queen. Hmm… I am not going to waste any time and upgraded to TH10 now. With a new dark elixir drill, it should speed up the upgrade process. How about you? Which wall level are you at now?

P/S – Actually… I have one level 9 Lego wall which did not upgrade to lava yet. Can you spot it?



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