All Magma Walls at Clash of Clans Town Hall 10

Yes, I am crazy while playing Clash of Clans. Here are all my level 11 electric magma walls on Town Hall 10. No money was spent on gems to get all 275 magma walls. Yup, it took me more than 2 years to reach here. And I managed to upgrade all of them before reaching Town Hall 11 which is coming in next 2 days. Wow… CoC is getting harder to loot especially on TH11. Without powerful armies, you can’t perform well when fighting TH10 players with 2 inferno towers. Yes, you will waste lot of elixir and dark elixir furthermore previous time on training troops and spells. Luckily, both my Barbarian King and Archer Queen are already maxed. Therefore, dark elixir is not so important to me except for upgrading level 3 witch and level 7 minion. Maybe a new dark troop in the future…

All Magma Walls at Town Hall 10

Hoo… What is the best CoC TH11 base? I will need that very soon. Anyone can tell me? Or you already quit playing it after the worst update? For me, I have the feeling to stop playing too but hard to put it down since already invested so much time and effort. Oh well, maybe I will turn CoC into a farming game in worst case scenarios…


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