aLLreLi KA150G Wireless Keyboard Review

Hey guys, check out my latest wireless keyboard. It is aLLreLi KA150G Wireless Keyboard with 18 multimedia function keys. It comes with full-size layout with number pad and loaded with ultra-slim chocolaty keycaps. Furthermore, it has unique structure design that easy to clean. Interested? Read on to find out more…


  • A new unique structure design, easy to disassemble for cleaning
  • 18 multimedia function keys, convenient and efficient to use
  • Fashionable ultra-slim chocolaty keycaps, wide palm rest, feel more comfortable
  • Low voltage alarm design, low power consumption, energy conservation and environmental protection
  • Zero delay 2.4G wireless radio frequency technology, 10M effective distance
Package Contents

Package Content & Design
There is aLLreLi KA150G wireless keyboard, USB receiver, 3 AAA batteries and user manual in the package. aLLreLi KA150G has decent build quality. It has full-size layout with number pad yet still compact in size. In addition, the keycaps are low in profile. They are easily clean and its design does not attract dust like other normal keyboard. There is battery LED indicator on top right corner. But nothing for num, caps and scroll locks. At back, you can find an AAA battery slot, 2 small anti-skid pads and 2 keyboard legs. Hmm… No place to keep the tiny USB receiver. So make sure that you keep it properly. And no power on/off button as well.

Full-size layout with number pad
Slim & low profile keycaps
Requires 1 AAA battery

Performance Result
No driver is needed in order to use aLLreLi KA150G wireless keyboard. Just plug and play will do. And its Wi-Fi coverage is great. Yes, I have no problem to type at kitchen back of the house or at front living room while my Windows PC at center of them. Surely passes 10m with walls and obstacles test. Rest assures that you can use it on big sofa while connected to your smart TV or set-top box. And there is virtually no delay on keyboard input at all. Yes, it responds just as quickly as a wired keyboard. In addition, I still able to maintain to type the same way as I do usually. And almost as fast as I do (still need to time to adapt the low profile keycaps). No missing input also. What you type is what you will get!

Low battery LED indicator

How is the battery life? So far I still did not finish using up the first bundled battery after use it for days casually. And no worry because the low battery LED indicator will start flashing when battery is low. Yup, not seeing it yet for the moment thanks to power conservation ability.

12 multimedia function keys

Where got 18 multimedia function keys? I found 12 only. Hmmm… There is no documentation about them. Actually, you don’t need one because you will know it at the end by trying out one by one. Yes, every function keys are working except the last one. Nothing show up and I have no idea what it that for. Anyway, I know something that is related to 18. Yes, aLLreLi offers 18 months warranty for KA150G. That I know for sure…


  • Full-size layout with number pad
  • 12 multimedia function keys
  • Wide wireless coverage
  • Slim profile
  • Easy to clean
  • 18 months warranty


  • No LED indicators
  • No slot to keep USB receiver

Looking for a budget wireless keyboard? Give aLLreLi KA150G a try. It has solid performance and wide wireless coverage. Loaded with full-size layout with number pad and easy to clean too. You can find more information at aLLreLi Website. And grab your here.

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  1. I’m trying to replace a missing usb for my allreli KA150 Keyboard. I noticed that you reviewed the keyboard recently. Any ideas how I can get a replacement or alternate compatible USB?


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