aLLreLi M910BU Vertical Mouse Review

Want to take your gameplay to another level? aLLreLi 4000 adjustable DPI wired vertical mouse with 9 programmable buttons can help you to do so. Besides, it also lets you to set up 5 separate user profiles, 5 DPI shift and support up to 4000 DPI. And work on OS X and Windows. Interested? Read on to find out more…


  • 5 DPI shift, up to 4000DPI
  • 9 customized function keys
  • Professional driver
  • Anti-skidding design on both side
Package Contents

Package Content & Design
There are aLLreLi M910BU mouse, CD driver and user manual in the environment friendly package. aLLreLi M910BU mouse build quality is good. And it is consider a large mouse to me. Yup, I need to use my whole hand to hold on it. And my palm rest well on the removable palm rest. Yes, it is a special shape mouse – vertical one. But not so vertical to me. A slight one only. And it is only for right handed. Do take note on this. It is loaded with lot of buttons as you can see on below photos. You get the usual left, right buttons and scroll wheel. In addition, there are DPI shift, one click to surf Internet, forward, backward, volume up and down buttons. And the removable palm rest that I mentioned before. At the bottom, you can find the optical sensor and 3 adjustable weights. There are 4 glide pads on the mouse and 3 on the palm rest to ensure smooth mouse movement.


DPI shift & one click to surf Internet button
Forward, backward, volume up and down buttons
Bottom view with removable palm rest

Performance Result
You can start to use aLLreLi M910BU mouse after plugged in. Windows will install generic driver for it. Or install M910BU driver on the CD (or download from aLLreLi website) to customize all the keys. Woo… There is a learning curve for me to use this mouse. Yes, I am craw and tip grip person. And this mouse suit palm grip most for your info. It requires me to move my hand wrist when use it with removable palm rest. Hand only when without palm rest. Surely taken some of my time to adapt to this mouse.

Removable palm rest & 3 adjustable weights

Yup, the 3 adjustable weights give you the choice to have a heavier or lighter mouse to suit your taste. And its ergonomic design surely fits my hand well. And the buttons are responsive too. The scroll wheel is tight which good for gaming when changing weapon. You don’t want to get the wrong one and lost the games, right? However, it is quite slow when scrolling on webpages. Mouse movement is good and you can set the polling rate up to 1000Hz. Up to 5 profiles for you to customize too.

Customizable keys with 5 profiles

You can customize all 9 buttons including scroll wheel up and down. Assign a macro to anyone of them. Or you can assign multimedia functions as well. And launch daily use applications like Email, My Computer and calculator. Change profiles on the fly to match your games. And lot more functions can be assigned to the buttons. Besides buttons, you can set mouse sensitivity with 250 DPI each step from 250 to 4000. X/Y synchronization can be set as well. Be sure to take your time to setup it to get the most out of it…

Up to 4000 DPI


  • Ultra customizable keys
  • 5 distinct user profiles
  • Adjustable weights
  • Removable palm rest
  • 18 months warranty


  • Vertical mouse, really?
  • Right handed only
aLLreLi M910BU Wired Vertical Mouse

Not really a vertical mouse to me. But still a decent mouse for gaming. Lot of customization of keys and features. Don’t forget that it comes with 3 adjustable weights and removable palm rest. More information can be found at aLLreLi Website. And grab your here.


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