Android Revolution HD 32.0 ROM for Galaxy S3 – XXUFME7 firmware (Video)

Finally, my Samsung Galaxy S3 was upgraded to latest Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean XXUFME7 Firmware. Of course, I am using custom ROM like Android Revolution HD 32.0. Not going back to stock firmware anymore after you tasted the custom ROM advantages, speed improvement, extra features… As expected, there are several Galaxy S4 goodies in XXUFME7 firmware like multiple widgets, two unlock effects (ripple and light), new screen modes ~ Adapt Display and Professional Photo. Check out below video to find out the smoothness. Yeah…

Installation guide – How to install firmware on Samsung Galaxy S3 with ClockworkMod Recovery?

Download Android Revolution HD 32.0 ROM for Galaxy S3 here.


  1. Jayce,
    Thanks for the update.
    I have ARHD 31.0 ROM on my Galaxy S3.
    Debating whether I should update to 32.0 as I am quite happy with 31.0
    Any major update/improvement of ARHD 32.0 over 31.0?

  2. Hi Jayce,

    I just installed and found there is no assertive light (wiget). Is it a problem here or it was removed or it place somewhere else?


  3. Hi Jayce,

    Do i need to update my current firmware in order to upgrade to this ROM ? My current firmware is I9300DEMB1. If yes where should i download the firmware.


  4. Hi,

    I have installed the Android Revolution HD 32.0 on my S3 just yesterday. Thank you for this.

    I have an issue with my Mobile Data. I seem to loose connection when the phone goes to sleep for more than 2 3 minutes.

    I have looked into the setting I found a setting for WiFi that says don’t turn off the WiFi in sleep mode. Do i use the same setting for Mobile Data or is there any other setting that I need to set.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.


  5. hii jayce,i flashed my s3 wid this rom bt after flashing it shows only emergency calls..wen i try to search manually….it does bt cant register it

  6. Hi jayce. I am planning to flash this rom too. Overall how would u rate your experience on this rom? Does is have high ram usage like the stock one as well? Is is a lot better optimized than the stock one? Is the camera app still the same?(love the s3 camera app) haha. THanks for any replies


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