Apple iPhone 4 Shell Holster Combo Review

Apple iPhone 4 is the best iPhone yet. And you should not leave it naked. Put case on it. Here is an Apple iPhone 4 Shell Holster Combo that you can put on your iPhone 4 no matter AT&T or Verizon versions. Basically, it is rubberized swivel holster with rear cover shell. The shell can be used alone and its integrated kickstand is perfect for easy handsfree movie viewing and FaceTime video chatting. I love it…

Apple iPhone 4 with rear cover shell

Rear cover shell with integrated kickstand

Design & Build Quality
Both swivel holster and rear cover shell are made with rubberized plastics. The build quality is good and solid. The shell fully covers the rear, both right and left side of the iPhone 4 (leave volume buttons and camera open). And only covers 1/4 of the top and bottom. The integrated kickstand is a great addition to the rear cover shell. But it does increase the total weight of the shell too. Anyway, it is a must have add-on for movie lovers. By the way, the shell is a bit slippery on the non-rubberized part. As for the swivel holster, you can turn the belt clip for 180 degree. And it holds iPhone 4 securely no matter portrait or landscape mode.

Watching movie on landscape mode
FaceTime video chatting on portrait mode
Holster on the belt
In landscape mode

Apple iPhone 4 Shell Holster Combo is a nice all-in-one carrying solution for your Apple iPhone 4. The addition integrated kickstand is great for watching movie and FaceTime. Interested? Get yours at


  1. Nice cover where you can put it on the table on landscape or portrait mode. But still, i love my SGP thin case. πŸ™‚


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