Apple iPhone 4 Sound Amplifier Review (Video)

iPhone 5 is just around the corner. But that does not stop you from buying accessories to enhance your lovely iPhone 4, right? Apple iPhone 4 Sound Amplifier is the star of the day. Apple iPhone 4 Sound Amplifier will enhance and amplify the sound of your iPhone. It use the old-fashioned acoustical science ~ sound amplifier adds up to 12 decibels of sound pressure. No wire and power outlets are needed. Furthermore, it is compatible on iPhone 3G, iPhone 3G S, iPhone 4 (AT&T), iPhone 4 (White) and iPhone 4 (Verizon Wireless) phone models. Okay, let’s find out its sound quality…

Apple iPhone 4 Sound Amplifier is made with quality rubber. It can be used in portrait and landscape modes. The convenient cutout at the bottom let you plug in your charge and sync cable (in portrait and landscape modes too). However, your iPhone cannot have any case on when using it.

Performance Results
The video above tells all the story… Yup, Apple iPhone 4 Sound Amplifier can really add up to 12 dB of sound pressure. And no external powered speakers are needed. It is great to enjoy music anywhere, anytime…

Apple iPhone 4 Sound Amplifier is a nice accessory to add on to your iPhone 4. It is small and portable. And able to pump up your iPhone sound level the easiest way without extra power source. One minor downside ~ no casing is allowed. Overall, it is a nice gadget to own.

Thanks which has full line of quality cell phone and PDA accessories and products for the opportunity to review this product. Be sure to check out Apple iPhone 4 Sound Amplifier here.


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