Armaggeddon’s 10th Anniversary Celebration

11th November 2020 marks the 10th Anniversary for Armaggeddon, since it was founded back in the fall of 2011 by our founder in pursuit of creating and specialises in professional gaming gear that is both functional and affordable. Thus, after a decade of being in the field Armaggeddon have grown so much since it first spreads it wings and have won the hearts of many gamers and fans alike. Ever since then, Armaggeddon has been known throughout the gaming community in Malaysia.

From keyboards to mouses and headphones, Armaggeddon have it all. We have been through such an amazing journey in providing you the best gaming gear money can buy. Recently we have just extended the range of Armaggeddon’s aggressive arsenal with its line of Pixxel Monitors to gear you up with the right gaming monitor that suits your gaming needs and enhance your experience. We at Armaggeddon are very excited to be a part of the future in the gaming industry as we will strive to provide the next generation technology.

To celebrate Armaggeddon’s 10th anniversary, we have decided to celebrate it with you! With that in mind, we are having a special promotion for you guys to own or even upgrade your gaming gear at a great deal. With purchase from our official online store you will stand a chance to win exclusive Armaggeddon merchandise such as limited-edition 10th anniversary t-shirt or a mug.

These special promotion can be spotted at Armaggeddon’s Official Online Stores at available online shopping platform. You may visit us and brows the numerous combos and deals that you might not get on an ordinary day. Item combos ranging from PC building equipment’s, gaming peripherals, monitors and personal audio system. This promotions includes the latest keyboard range from Armaggeddon the SMK series which bring the new light in mechanical keyboard design with its Ultra-thin design and a thin switches as well which allows user to experience a faster response like never before. It also comes with 3 different switch options that is: Blue, Red and Black. So, feel free to choose the right one for you.

Don’t miss this awesome chance for you to bring back one of Armaggeddon’s products in conjunction with the 11.11 online mega sale Armaggeddon official store is having a massive sale for all to enjoy especially to those who are stuck at home.


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