Asus RT-AX56U vs RT-AX3000 / RT-AX58U – Which Wireless Router is Better on WiFi 5, 6 & AiMesh?

Hi guys, I have the chance to re-visit budget Wi-Fi 6 router – Asus RT-AX56U. Managed to test it with Wi-Fi 6 device and AiMesh ability. Of course, compared it to slightly expensive RT-AX3000 (RT-AX58U) which has 160 MHz channels. Hopefully, this short review can give you some ideas which one to buy…

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  1. hi Jayce thanks for all the reviews….have a question. I’m using Ac86U as main —> connected to AX56u (node) but intermittently i do have some of my android device can’t get ip …not all the time but random. Does that happens to your Asus setup ?

  2. Hi Jayce, I am currently using 2 Asus RT AX56u Aimesh set-up for my double-storey link house of about 2,200 sq ft. I find the Asus Aimesh set-up not very stable i.e. also dropping off or not connecting to the nearest router for optimal wifi signal. I am thinking of upgrading to a single unit of Asus RT AX82u to cover my whole house by placing the router at middle of first floor. Will the wifi range be better than Asus RT AX56u as by using a single unit of RT AX56u currently my wifi signal at end of kitchen is quite weak.

    • Hi Bernard, by right, 2 AX56U are better than 1 AX82U. Try the latest beta firmware from Asus. AX56U is known to have issue with current official firmware.

      By the way, use cable to connect both AX56U if possible. =)


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