AtomicX V201 Bluetooth ANC Headphones Review

AtomicX V201 by iDeaUSA surely is one of the most comfort headphones that I ever tried. Yup, it is a Bluetooth headphones that loaded with Active Noise Cancelling (ANC) technology. And it supports Bluetooth 4.1 with aptX for CD-like quality music. Powered by 500mAh battery for 25 hours of continuous wireless music playback. Sound great? Read this review to find out…


  • Advanced noise cancelling technology isolate yourself from external noise, airplane cabin noise, city traffic or busy office.
  • Connect easily to your device via Bluetooth, provide mega bass and clear mid tones
  • Compact over-ear design, with proprietary soft cushions, helping to further reduce noise while providing a comfortable fit
  • Built in microphone. Enjoy noise and hands-free calling thanks to the integrated microphone and Bluetooth profile
  • On board three buttons control switches between calls and music, controls volume and track selection
  • 500mAh rechargeable battery provides up to 25 hours of continuous, wireless music playback
  • Fold-flat earcups rotate 115 degrees for easy storage and portability in the included case.


Packaging and Design
AtomicX V201 comes in a sturdy packaging same as other iDeaUSA products. Well protected as all the stuffs come in the hard case. Once opened, you can find AtomicX V201, USB charging cable, 3.5mm AUX cable, airline adapter, user manual and warranty card there. As usual, the user manual comes in 5 languages too. And comes with 30-day money back guarantee, 12 months warranty and lifetime support as well.


AtomicX V201 build quality is great even with plain matte black plastic body. No doubt that’s solid plastic here. And thanks to that, it is light in weight at 210g only. Furthermore, the shiny carbon design makes it looks cool and stylish. The headband height is adjustable and very well cushioned. The over the ear cups are rotatable – 45° inward, 90° outward and slightly tilt able. The control buttons, microphone, LED status indicator and 3.5mm audio jack are located at right ear cup. Noise cancelling switch, LED indicator and micro USB charging port are located on the left. That’s it. Do refer to all the pictures for details.


  • Model: iDea V201
  • Dimensions: 7.87*7.48*3.15in (L*H*W)
  • Inner Earcup Dimensions: 2.36*1.57in (L*W)
  • Weight: 0.47lb
  • Color: Black
  • Chip: Bluetooth 4.1 with apt-X
  • Noise Level: 20db
  • Speaker Diameter: 40mm
  • Speaker Impedance: 32ohm
  • Range: 33ft (No obstacle to prevent the single)
  • Driver Sensitivity(S.P.L): 103±3dB
  • Frequency Response: 20Hz—20KHz
  • Battery Life: 500mAh (20h ANC playback, 25h music playback, 250h standby)
  • Profiles: A2DP / AVR CP / HSP / HFP

Fit, Comfort & Isolation
No doubt of AtomicX V201 comfort here. Yes, it is pleasant to wear for long hour thanks to well cushioned thick headband and large thick soft pads. Fit well with its adjustable headband and rotatable ear cups too. However, isolation is on the average side for an over the ear headphones. It does block some of the environment noises but don’t expect much from here. Same apply to sound leakage, others can hear a little bit if you play really loud.


Performance Result
iDea V201 is the name when it get connected with your devices through Bluetooth. The range is decent – easily exceeds 10m Bluetooth range in straight sight line with no obstacle. Almost up to 7m with obstacles. As long as your devices have Bluetooth connection, you should not have any issue to pair with iDea V201. Pairing is as simple as ABC. As usual, 3.5mm AUX cable is there for you when Bluetooth is not available. Or ran out of battery life…

Active noise cancelling (ANC) is okay for this price range headphones. But don’t expect it will block all the background noises totally. It does cancelling some of ambient sounds like fan noise here. But not so much as I would like it to be. Maybe the passive isolation affect the result here too.


On the other hand, iDea V201 battery life is excellent. I am getting almost 20 hours of non-stop music playback with its 500+ mAh battery. Yup, all the tests were done with active noise cancelling enabled. ANC does use some of the battery life here. Therefore, you will get much longer battery life with ANC turned off. By the way, there is battery indicator status on iOS devices like iPhone, iPad and iPod to check remaining battery life. Some Android devices are able to show that too. Lastly, it requires around 2 hour plus to fully charge. That’s fast.

As for phone call quality, it is decent. Others can hear my voice loud and clear. No problem to hear others from here too. One thing to take note – built-in mic is not working on wired mode.

Sound Quality
AtomicX V201 has warm sound signature with ANC turned on. You will get brighter treble and forward highs & mids (close to your ear) with it off. In short, sound quality is okay at this price range as a Bluetooth ANC headphones. Same apply to soundstage and instruments separation. Good companion when travel with the ultra long battery life, right?



  • Good warm sound signature
  • Ultra long battery life
  • Comfortable for long hour wear
  • Decent microphone
  • Fast charging


  • Average isolation & ANC

AtomicX V201 by iDeaUSA is an ANC Bluetooth headphones with ultra long battery no doubt. Great to bring it when travelling with included hard case. And enjoy warm sound signature along the way. Still need more information? Head to iDeaUSA Website now. And buy yours at Amazon.


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