Best Clash Royale Battle Deck / Cards

Which cards are the best for Clash Royale? Well, it is depend on which arena that you have reached. And which card have you unlocked so far too. I tried lot of cards on my battle deck. Basically, you can group them into 3 categories – offensive, defensive and balanced battle deck. Each of them has their own advantages and weakness. Yes, you can counter each every card with another card. For example, giant can be countered by minion, mini PEKKA and skeleton army. Minion horde hates arrows. You can easily win elixir advantage by counter with the correct card. Just try them and find out the cards that suit you most. Of course, luck plays an important role here besides player skill.


I am more toward balanced plus offensive kind of person. Offensive deck gives you the ability to take down tower faster. However, you let your opponent do the same too. So I added bomb tower as part of the defense structures. And this makes my Clash Royale Battle Deck more like balanced one.


As I mentioned before, available cards depend on which arena you have reached. So do play around all the cards to find your best Clash Royale Battle Cards. FYI, I changed mine more than 10 times as new card comes along when reached new arena…


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