BlackVue Power Magic Pro Review

What is BlackVue Power Magic Pro? It is a device that supplies power to dash cam from car battery according to the configured voltage and timer. And this will prevent your vehicle battery from discharge excessively so that you won’t face can’t start vehicle problem. It is a must have accessory for dash cam with parking mode recording. Does it really work? Let’s find out…


  • Supplies power to BlackVue from car battery when engine off
  • Multi-booting
  • Prevention to discharge car battery
  • Prevention to reboot BlackVue
  • For 12V/24V

Package Content & Design
There is Power Magic Pro, socket with connector, double-sided tape, screws and user guide in the package. Power Magic Pro itself is rectangle box in shape. The switches, LED light and power button are located in the front. And connector at the back.

Package Contents


  • Rated output voltage: DC 12 ~ 24V
  • Output current/quiescent current: Rated current 1A, Max 2A / Below 200mA
  • Output voltage cut-off: 11.8V, 12V (±0.1V); 22.8V, 23.2V (±0.1V)
  • Output voltage restoration: Cut-off voltage + 0.2 and more
  • Output voltage cut-off timer: 6 hours ~ Infinity
  • Size: Body – 72x41x23mm, socket – 73x33x33mm, cable – 1.9m

There is no fast and easy way to install Power Magic Pro for average users without some vehicle wiring knowledge. However, it is not impossible to do so too. I managed to install it on 2009 Honda City without any help from professional. The location of fuse box is not so easy to reach (you will know what I said if you own this car too). Once you found it, just hard-wire yellow and red wires to fuses as per user guide. And ground the black wire. You should get green LED light when power on if everything is installed properly. Finally, you can use screws or double-sided tape to install Power Magic Pro at desired place permanently.

Performance Result
Power Magic Pro works as advertised. The multi-booting feature is very useful. When turned off, it will not supply power when engine is off. But will provide power when engine is started no matter multi-booting button is on or off. And will start to operate based on voltage and timer settings when engine is off with multi-booting button on.

Switches, LED light and power button

There are 4 voltage values to set – 11.8V, 12V, 22.8V and 23.2V. Power Magic Pro will cut the power to dash cam automatically when vehicle battery voltage drops below the configured voltage. Too bad that I did not have the chance to test it even with 12V setting on my newly installed battery 2 months ago. But it is working when I set value as 22.8V and 23.2V. The timer cut-off is working great as well. You can configure timer values as 6, 12, 24, 36, 48, 72, 120 hours or infinity. It will start the timer when vehicle engine is off. And supply power to dash cam until the timer value or voltage value reached (whichever comes first). Therefore, no more worry that your vehicle battery will becoming excessively discharged.


  • Supplies power to dash cam when vehicle engine off
  • Prevention to discharge vehicle battery excessively
  • Timer cut-off
  • Multi-booting
  • 12V/24V selection


  • No easy installation
Power Magic Pro

Power Magic Pro is a must have accessory for dash cam with parking mode recording. It helps to prevent battery from excessively discharged based on voltage and timer settings. Do visit BlackVue website for more information and buy yours here.


  1. Hi
    Whilst I will not disagree with you on the use of the Power Magic Pro your readers may have a problem with the makers. I am in Thailand and I bought mine from a mail order firm well known throughout this area. Mine was 8 days old when it failed, outside the 7 day return window. I contacted Blackvue to let them know it had failed very quickly and was ‘dead’ in all conditions. As they were on holiday it took nearly a week for anything to happen. They asked me to post it back to Korea. I refused. They then offered to send me a post paid label. Again I refused. I explained that this camera is linked to my insurance and I wanted it resolved quickly. How long was it going to take to get back to Korea, investigate and maybe send me a new one? I suggested they deliver a new item and the courier can pick up the old one. They refused. I offered to destroy this one with photographic evidence as proof as other companies require. They refused. They say that they require the return of the old unit for investigation first. For an item that costs around $35, what business is going to fly this value of unit internationally and spend money investigating? None, including this one, this then suggests a deliberate ploy. For people with dashcams and especially those with linked insurance this is very bad news. Unless your local supplier offers a decent warranty you may be better off sourcing an alternative.


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