Bought Samsung Galaxy Note 3 from eBay Deals Malaysia

Err… I missed the chance to get free Samsung Galaxy Gear from Celcom. It was supposed to be a lucky draw for 100 Samsung Galaxy Note 3 subscribers for 24 months voice plans with pricey data plan. Then changed to 1st 100 customers and added with 12 months plans. Did not manage to drive to Penang when I knew this news. Anyway, I managed to grab one from eBay Deals Malaysia at RM 1999. Missed out the RM 1888 deal too as I was still sleeping during that promotion period. Too tired and felt sick after coming back from China…

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 SM-N9005 from eBay Deals Malaysia

Is it a SCAM? Nope, the deals are real. But you need to be really fast as they were gone in seconds. I failed to get it last night. But got it this morning. Luckily, I managed to key in PayPal password fast (should have copy first than paste it), else I won’t be able to get it too. Now waiting for it to ship out…

Did you manage to get one?


  1. could you please explain to me about this :

    1. i know that galaxy note 3 with dual sim are only available in china… can we buy that note 3 version and use it in Malaysia? is it compatible with Malaysia network?

    2. was it worth it to switch from galaxy note 2 to galaxy note 3?

    thank you and hope for your reply soon…

  2. Is this a concept phone or real phone? look like very classy. Anyone know about it?
    I heard this phone just launch in UK and Canada today.
    Dun know when this phone is coming to malaysia….?!!

  3. im actually worry about the price based on the eco now
    inc gst this phone could just make anyone wallet into a big hole
    sorry samsung malaysian disappointed u XDD lol

    • No lah. even our currency depreciated alot!
      Base the feature you will find in N5 for RM2,699.. I think it worth lol..
      especially Spen feature in N5 is superb powerful. you will find this N5 very suitable for sales personal.

    • It really depends.. if you say slow economic.. last month Bkt Jalil Car Fair, 98 units of BMW had sign up in one day. Who say – our economic slow? I remember last year when Samsung launched S6, also have long queue for the phone. Well, honestly I expected will be the same.
      Somehow people will buy it when they think they need to use it.


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