Brain’s Taskbar WM6.5 ~ gfreek edition V6 for HTC HD2

Feeling dull with the plain default Windows Mobile taskbar. Want to add some colours to it? Hehe… I started the search for colourful taskbar for Windows Mobile 6.5. And found Brain’s Taskbar WM6.5 ~ gfreek edition V6 for HTC HD2. It is designed for GSM and not compatible with CDMA. V6 is for HTC HD2 users, but should be compatible for any WVGA devices using WWE ROM’s so it should work on HTC Touch HD, HTC Touch Pro 2 and HTC Diamond 2.

Brain’s Taskbar WM6.5 ~ gfreek edition V6 for HTC HD2

Note: You will sometimes get Airplane icon appear when there is no signal present, this is normal, it’s not a bug it’s how the OS calls on this icon when no signal being received by the phone!

Download Brain’s Taskbar WM6.5 ~ gfreek edition V6 here.


  1. Hallo Jayce

    I’ve landed into a little problem with this app. I own a Samsung Omnia B7610 WinMo6.1 , and I thought this would work fine on my phone .

    Well it DID work fine when I installed the CAB , but I didn’t find it exciting ( too small icons , and the right “X” button appearing as a white box only ) and tried to un-install it using Settings>Systems>Remove Program .

    And well , this darn app is too stubborn & not getting un-installed !! When I try to do this , the phone is hanging . I tried this 3 times ( by soft reset ) and I am finding this utterly frustrating !!

    Could you give me a lead when I am going wrong , and if there are any alternate method to uninstall this app . I TEARING MY HAIR ON THIS !!!

    Pl get back , as early as you can !

    • And by the way I use a GSM system , with original ROM , no tweaking .

      I have installed & removed ( when I didnt like ) at least 20-30 apps during last last using the same method of “Remove Program” … never faced any problem !!

      PLz help !!


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