Clash of Clans’ loot sucks! How to solve?

Clash of Clans’ loot suck! Yes, people are complaining about the shortage of gold, elixir and dark elixir nowadays including me. Supercell removed inactive bases once again. Therefore, there is less collector’s raid for us. And you need to raid hard for the storages. That requires expensive armies and spells. Oh well, what can we do? The easy way, stop playing Clash of Clans if the loot is too low for you. This solves everything, right? Not really. First of all, you need to be in the correct range to farm loot in Clash of Clans based on your town hall level. Higher trophy range has more dark elixir while lower has more gold and elixir.

Full collectors raid

How to run Android Apps & Games on Windows PC & Mac?

Wish to run your favourite Android applications and games on Windows PC and Mac? Well, you can do so now with the help of BlueStacks App Player. Enjoy Angry Birds Space, Fruit Ninja, Cut the rope, Where’s My Water and other more Android applications and games on your Windows PC or Mac, laptops, Ultrabook with BlueStacks. Play all of them on your bigger computer screen with mouse and keyboard…

Sprinkle on BlueStacks App Player

Download Sixaxis Controller Games Touch Profile for Samsung Galaxy Note 2

It is great to play Android games on Samsung Galaxy Note II with game controller. However, not all games support game controller natively. No worry, you still able to play them with game controller by using DualShock 3 Wireless Controller + Sixaxis Controller application. And you need Sixaxis Controller Games Touch Profile in order to play them with PS3 DualShock 3 Wireless Controller. Samsung Galaxy Note 2 does not have much Sixaxis Controller Games Touch Profile yet. But you can use Sixaxis Controller Games Touch Profile for Samsung Galaxy S3 since both of them have the same screen resolution – HD 720p.

Sixaxis Controller Games Touch Profile
Sixaxis Controller Games Touch Profile for Samsung Galaxy Note 2

Best Clash of Clans TH8 Anti-Hog Unlurable CC War / Trophy Base Layout

I like my Clash of Clans TH6 layout. But I like my latest CoC TH8 base layout even more. Why? It is an anti-hog rider clan war base. It has a circle defend ring which will send hog riders go round and round. And has the ability to have double giant bomb to toast level 4 hog rider instantly. But the best part – it has unlurable clan castle troops design. Yes, you can’t even use hog rider to lure the CC troops out. Of course, skilled player still able to do so after destroy few defenses. But this will buy them some time and not able to 3 star you during Clan War…

New Clash of Clans multiplayer matchmaking suck?

New Clash of Clans multiplayer matchmaking suck big time? Yes and no. The change – you will get multiplayer opponents that are at or near your town hall level, regardless of trophy count. For example, Town Hall level 9 player in the Gold league will be very likely to find opponents at town hall levels 8 to 10 who are also in the Gold league. The good side – you don’t have to press next button so much in order to find bases with much resources since their town hall level is about the same as yours. Better loot, right? The bad side – farmers who stay low trophy count to avoid attack from high level player will be easily found and destroyed. And you will get attacked immediately once you get offline just like sub 200 trophy levels.



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