How to enable Tegra 4 Ultra High Graphic on Dead Trigger 2?

Want to enjoy ultra high graphic details on Dead Trigger 2? Get a Tegra 4 device then. Well, that is not the only way. By following the old method for Dead Trigger for Tegra 3, you can enable the extended effects on non Tegra 4 devices too. However, you need to have root access. And of course, your Android device’s GPU need to be as powerful as Tegra 4 too. My Galaxy S4 GPU is a little slow on this setting. Huhu… It’s time to root my Galaxy Note 3.

Tegra 4 Ultra High Graphics on Dead Trigger 2

Max level 5 Barbarian King & Dark Troops Upgrade at Town Hall 7

I always upgrade everything to maximum when playing games. You will get most of the attack power and defenses then. Same apply to Clash of Clans. I am at Town Hall 7 and got all my dark elixir required troops upgraded. Thanks to How to farm dark elixir in Clash of Clans? guide.

Max level 5 Barbarian King at TH7

How to get to Master League at Town Hall 8 in Clash of Clans?

Getting to Crystal League in Clash of Clans is quite easy. I got it with Town Hall 6. How about getting to Master League? Well, it is not as simple as Crystal League. Yes, you can still snipe town hall all the way up to Master League. However, lot of time is needed as lesser ‘farmer’ (town hall outside walls) on that trophy range. And you get crushed easily even with TH9 defenses as most of them are high offence TH10 players up there.

Master League at Town Hall 8

How to move applications & games data to external SD card?

Not enough internal USB storage disk space on Samsung Galaxy Series smartphone like Galaxy S II, Galaxy Note and Galaxy S III? There is around 11 GB internal USB storage disk (sdcard) on Samsung Galaxy S3 (16 GB version). And some of you might face running out of sdcard disk space issue sooner. Even with external micro SD card, you can’t install applications and games directly on it. Luckily, you can move applications and games data to external micro SD card with Directory Bind. Note – root access is needed.

Move applications & games data to external SD card

Download PSP emulator for Android (PPSSPP APK)

Any PSP games lover here? Good news for you all. You can enjoy PSP games on Android devices now. Well, it is not limited to Android only but available to other platforms as well like PC Windows, Mac OSX, iOS (jailbroken only), Blackberry, Maemo, Symbian, Pandora and Linux. However, I will focus on Android version here for the moment. This PSP emulator is called PPSSPP. You can download PPSSPP Gold without advertisement or ad-supported version at Google Play Store. Or download PPSSPP APK from its website directly. The choice is totally up to you…


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