Gsou U171 Portable Bluetooth Speaker Review

Looking for small and ultra-portable Bluetooth speaker for entertainment on the go? I have one to introduce you – Gsou U171 Portable Bluetooth Speaker. It is an ultra-mini cube rechargeable 1 channel speaker with sleek premium metallic body, nice and stylish. Besides, it also has a built-in speakerphone for small group conference call. How does Gsou U171 perform? Let’s find out.

Taco Dual Wireless Bluetooth Speakers Review

Yes, I can enjoy real stereo sound from my wireless speakers now. Most of the portable Bluetooth speaker has both right and left channel close to each other. Therefore, you can’t really enjoy the stereo effect. However, this is not the case for Taco Dual Wireless Bluetooth Speakers by iDeaUSA that I have. Why? It has 2 individual Taco speakers that let you place far enough to experience the actual stereo sound effect. Yup, they are Bluetooth 4.1 with NFC support speakers and come with affordable price tag. How good is Taco Dual sound quality? Read on to find out…

TYLT TUNZ Rechargeable Bluetooth Speaker Review

Wow… 41 hours of playback time. Yes, my TYLT TUNZ Rechargeable Bluetooth Speaker manages to play up to 41 hours continuously with 50% volume level. It is a stylish compact size Bluetooth stereo speaker with two 3W drivers and a passive radiator. Furthermore, it has aptX audio coding, NFC built-in, speakerphone ability and USB charging port with 1 Amp output to charge phone and tablet. Interested? Read on to find out…


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