Chainfire3D Pro 4xMSAA & 16xMSAA samples on Samsung Galaxy S2

Samsung Galaxy S II ARM Mali-400 MP GPU supports Anti-Aliasing (4xAA and 16xAA). However, most of the current OpenGL Android games do not support Anti-Aliasing feature. Mali-400 MP can process 4x Multi-Sampling with virtually no performance drop. Thanks to Chainfire3D Pro, Samsung Galaxy S2 users can force 4xMSAA and 16xMSAA Anti-Aliasing on their OpenGL 3D games now. Here are some Chainfire3D Pro 4xMSAA and 16xMSAA samples that I took…

Lets Golf 2 HD
Normal | 4xMSAA | 16xMSAA

Samurai II: Vengeance
Normal | 4xMSAA | 16xMSAA

Guerrilla Bob
Normal | 4xMSAA | 16xMSAA

Well, does the picture quality improve with MSAA feature turned on? Samsung Galaxy S2 does not have iPhone 4 retina display but it has Chainfire3D Pro Multi-Sampling Anti-Aliasing feature. However, not every OpenGL 3D games are supported. Interested?

Download Chainfire3D Pro at Android Market here.


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