CheapCast – ChromeCast Emulator

Don’t have your ChromeCast Dongle yet? Turn your Android device to become one with CheapCast. Yup, if you happen have 2 Android devices (Nexus Q with TV or Chromebook) at home, try out CheapCast then. It is still in beta stage so it might not work on your devices yet. But this application looks promising. I can turn my Galaxy S4 with MHL 2.0 HDTV Adapter into ChromeCast clone. Of course, actual ChromeCast is easier and cheaper than this combo. But this gives me a chance to try out ChromeCast features without the hardware itself, right?


I managed to get Play Music to work. YouTube is not working yet. It brings up ChromeCast but can’t play video and keep on buffering until time out. Look forward to future release with all the bugs fixed.

Download ChromeCast for Android here.


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