Check Malaysia live traffic status with My Traffic Updates

“Err… I hate traffic jam. Why did you point this route? We should take another better route. See… It is so jam now.” Facing this similar situation everyday? No worry. My Traffic Updates comes to rescue. It is a Windows Mobile application (Freeware) that enables user to check live (almost) traffic conditions. Currently, version 1 only provides traffic information from LLM and ITIS at Malaysia. A perfect tool for me who stay in Malaysia.

My Traffic Updates

Lembaga Lebuhraya Malaysia routes
PLUS – North South Expressway traffic status
Integrated Transport Information System routes
Jalan Bukit Bintang traffic status

My Traffic Updates requires Internet connection to get the latest traffic status. Therefore, it is recommended to have unlimited data plan to avoid heavy charges. Malaysian who traffic a lot. This is a nice Windows Mobile application that you must try it.

Download My Traffic Updates v1.0 here.


  1. Hey Jayce thanks for the tip. This is what i have been looking for. Traffic jam has become a big part of our lives in Malaysia. Knowing that there is such free tool to check on traffic status is a big help to working adult like us.

  2. I hope this is also available in the Philippines. Also, I hope this app exists in the Android market since I am an Android user. This will surely help. Thanks for the tip Jayce. Well, I’ll just have to buy my Windows phone when I go to Malaysia this summer. Thanks for giving me an idea on how to avoid traffic.


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