CHUWI Hi10 Plus Tablet PC Best Deals

Need Android? Want to use Windows as well? A tablet? And a PC too? Check out CHUWI Hi10 Plus Tablet PC then. It’s a tablet that comes with keyboard. Loaded with both Android 5.1 and Microsoft Windows 10 operating system. Comes with 10.8″ IPS touchscreen display that be used with stylus. The great news – you can get it from as low as $199.99 with discount coupon now…

“Overall, a WOW product which cost less than US200 with dual boot 2in 1 tablet. If you are looking for a tablet which is for light usage like browsing Facebook, YouTube, emails checking or android apps gaming.. Well this is for sure the product you are looking for.” Quote from a review that I read. Interested? Here is the discount code – GBTPC04 to buy CHUWI Hi10 Plus Tablet PC at GearBest.


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