Clash of Clans Level 40 Barbarian King & Archer Queen

Having Level 40 Barbarian King and Archer Queen in Clash of Clans is like a dream for all clashers. Yup, I have achieved it and you can do so too. And I managed to do so without spending any money for gems to speed up the process. Yes, by just following this guide – Fastest way to max Clash of Clans Heroes without Gems


Dark elixir is like a free gift when you reached this stage. Yup, plenty of them and you need to use it to upgrade dark troops and spells only from now on. Therefore, it is better to stay low profile at lower trophy range for gold. Yes, most of the clashers will use full forces to loot for gold at Champion and above. Crystal or lower should be a good place to start to harvest for gold and elixir. Alright, back to clash…


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