Clash of Clans’ loot sucks! How to solve?

Clash of Clans’ loot suck! Yes, people are complaining about the shortage of gold, elixir and dark elixir nowadays including me. Supercell removed inactive bases once again. Therefore, there is less collector’s raid for us. And you need to raid hard for the storages. That requires expensive armies and spells. Oh well, what can we do? The easy way, stop playing Clash of Clans if the loot is too low for you. This solves everything, right? Not really. First of all, you need to be in the correct range to farm loot in Clash of Clans based on your town hall level. Higher trophy range has more dark elixir while lower has more gold and elixir.

Full collectors raid


Yes, by boosting the barrack with gems will help to bring more inactive bases with fully loaded gold and elixir collectors. Supercell needs to make money too since COC is a freemium game. Of course, you still need to click Next button for several times. But definitely better than no boosting at all. Just try it yourself to find out. Below are my raids during 2 hours boosting. By the way, I just boosted 1 barrack only.



So how is your loot lately?


  1. looked at the images again and you are lying…there is one big undeniable clue why this is photoshopped..can you spot the oversight?

  2. Ugh. Went to th10 after update. I have no idea how I’ll pay for upgrades. I loved this game so much for 2 years and now am faced with leaving it behind. I guess I’ll start playing the Star Wars knock off. It’s not better than pre update coc but might be better going forward. Any other games worth checking out?

  3. Raiding for dark elixer sux at all levels even boosted. Went from Masters to gold & no difference. Was bad enough Supercell hit us with an unacceptable money grab & killed farming, their new bonus based on percentage destroyed the entire bonus. It’s no difference going to lower levels with less bonus, but “easier” loot than going for bonuses. This company couldn’t care less about the people who play their game except how they can scrape more money from them. This “freemium” game is proving to be nothing more than a rip off.

  4. New January update sux. DOES NOT SOLVE ANYTHING! This Supercell company only thinks of money and is too stupid to actually listen to people. It does updates that basically say “FKK YOU clashers!” We will not bend to your comments, but will give you temporary placebos to hopefully appease you”. They care nothing for their clients. IMO they are kuntz. No amount of comments will change these baztrds. They are evil. Period.


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