Clash of Clans Town Hall 11 with level 12 walls to be announced at ClashCon?

Clash of Clans Town Hall 11 with Level 12 walls to be announced at ClashCon? Yes, this is highly possible. I don’t usually post rumour unless I have firm fact. But this one really catched my eyes. Someone mentioned it on Clash of Clans Forum and the post got deleted after few minutes. Why? Because it is the official reply from CoC China Team. Unless the screenshot is a fake one. Else the thing might be true then. Anyway, it is not a surprise to see TH11 coming out at ClashCon next month. It is already long due for a big update…


If you can read Chinese, you will understand what it means here. Else do use Google Translate to find out. Okay, here is the short one. Basically, the latest new level 11 walls update to magma from zap is not the final form. Oh no, there will be level 12 walls when TH11 comes out. We don’t need level 12 walls at TH10, right? Hopefully, all the walls’ price will be reduced and priced level 12 walls at 4M same as level 11 currently. Else it will be a very long process to upgrade those 275 walls.

Err… I just finished to complete 3/5 zap walls. With addition 25 new walls, it will take longer time to finish all of them. Not to mention TH11 with level 12 walls…


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