Cooler Master CM 690 (RC-690) Chassis Preview

The first sight on Cooler Master CM 690 (RC-690) Chassis. Wow… It is big. Cooler Master CM 690 (RC-690) Chassis is mid tower chassis. However, it is bigger than normal mid tower chassis. And heavier too. This is good for overclocker like me. And the version I have come with Transparent Acrylic Side Window Panel. In short, I like Cooler Master CM 690 (RC-690) Chassis.

Cooler Master CM 690 (RC-690) Chassis


  • Accommodates up to seven 120 mm fans for high-efficiency ventilation
  • Removable HDD racks provide for easy assembly
  • Cable management design for better cable routing and neatness
  • Tool-free user-friendliness for quick maintenance and upgrade
  • Roomy interior supports nVIDIA G80 SLI configuration
Back view


Available Color Black
Dimension (W / H / D) (W)213 X (H)482 x (D)524.5 mm
Weight 9.8 kg
Material Chassis: SECC, Bezel: Metal mesh+ABS
Motherboards ATX, Micro-ATX
5.25″ Drive Bay 5 Exposed (without the use of exposed 3.5 inch Drive Bay),
4 Exposed (with the use of 3.5 inch Drive Bay)
3.5″ Drive Bay 5 Hidden,
1 Exposed (converted from one 5.25 inch Drive Bay)
I/O Panel USB 2.0×2, IEEE 1394 x1, MIC x1, eSATA x 1,
SPK x1 (support HD Audio)
Cooling System Front :120 mm Blue LED fan x 1, 1200 rpm, 21 dBA,
Rear : 120 mm standard fan, 1200 rpm, 21 dBA,
Top : 120 or 140 mm fan x 2 (optional),
Bottom : 120 mm fan x 1 (optional),
Left: 120mm fan x 2 (one is optional)-up to 140mm fans
Expansion Slots 7
Power Supply Standard ATX PS2/ EPS 12V (optional)
Certification nVIDIA SLI
Nice Transparent Acrylic Side Window Panel
The big box
Power, reset buttons and LEDs
I/O panel on top of the chassis
One 80x15mm fan can be installed at the rear of MB tray
What is the white thing?
Contents in the white box
Side view
Bottom-mounted Power Supply for improved cooling and installation
Two 120 or 140mm fans can be installed on the top
Tool-free kits for add-on card installation
Removable HDD racks with anti-vibration pads for easy assembly and reduce noise
Cable organizers minimize cable clutter
Pass through holes for liquid cooling tubing
120mm fan


  1. air ventilation is very important to a computer. when i troubleshoot on my company PC, realize that the way of my ex colleague, 3 big fan in 1 CPU exclude processor fan..

    front back and center also have fan…

  2. @Calvyn: Same as mine. Ops… I did not take front fan photo. 😛

    @Wing Loon: IO panel on front is Japan version. Or your is CM 590? Both of them do look alike. 😉

  3. wow! i’m lovin this blog!!! haha….i’m also using this casing too…hope the next 1 won’t be the same….hmmm mayb power supply…haha anyway..THX!

  4. Hmm… I don’t think that I can change the features and specifications of this Cooler Master CM 690 (RC-690) Chassis.

    What else should I put then? Please advise. Thanks. 🙂


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